The New Year Verifies the Continued Need for Business Innovation, This New Book Helps Entrepreneurs Digitally Launch and Scale to Survive
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The New Year Verifies the Continued Need for Business Innovation, This New Book Helps Entrepreneurs Digitally Launch and Scale to Survive

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 10:45 AM
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New Greenleaf Book Group Imprint release educates entrepreneurs on how to build a cloud-based business from one of the world's first successful and completely cloud-based entrepreneurs

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2021 / Business owners at all stages in their entrepreneurship journey have been tested in their fortitude and resilience as they adapt to scale thriving businesses in a post-COVID world. Many entrepreneurs will need to shift how they structure their business to maintain a steady profit and pipeline in our altering economy. Complete Controller CEO, Jennifer Brazer, understood and surmounted these challenges while building one of the first fully cloud-based accounting services in the U.S. Now she shares her secrets in her new book From Cubicle to Cloud: How to Start and Scale a Virtual Professional Service Business (Greenleaf Book Group), which documents how she created this entirely new business model and powered through the ups and downs of its evolution. This essential and timely business guide is now available everywhere books are sold to help business owners launch and scale a successful cloud-based business.

Brazer reflects on the origin of her book and the challenges many entrepreneurs face, "I realized that professionals were being held back by traditional model rigidity, including the expectation that they must personally deliver the services to their customers. The professional services industry needs a rearrangement of the way services are delivered, priced and fulfilled." She continues, "I learned a lot through my journey as a founder, and I couldn't have done it without the invaluable support from advisors and mentors along the way. That's why I'm dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and women business owners through my latest book."

From Cubicle to Cloud: How to Start and Scale a Virtual Professional Service Business brings to market the first and essential guide for anyone who wants to create a cloud-based professional service business. This new book highlights Brazer's deep, personal experiences while building her disruptive business model and reinventing the client accounting services (CAS) industry. Whether your specialty is accounting, therapy, design, law or any other field, Brazer will show you how to:

  • Learn practical strategies for breaking free of the hours-for-dollars box
  • Develop a business model based on value and work product
  • Create processes and protocols that allow other people to fulfill the scopes of work
  • Foster a culture that attracts talent and discourages inefficiency
  • Realize greater profits by adding complimentary services and products
  • Recruit, train, monitor, motivate and mentor your staff without ever being in the same room
  • Price, package and present your service so its value is recognized and desired beyond geo constraints
  • Build trust and reputation with customers, colleagues and vendors without in-person interaction
  • Develop roles and processes to support your model and measure business performance
  • Overcome doubt, naysayers and traditional model rigidity for your industry
  • Keep the faith, even when capital and courage run thin

Sean Balkman, Small Business Market Manager VP at Bank of America, praises Jennifer's innovative book by saying, "The world is changing, the way we do business is changing and this impacts our small business owners. Today, we are not meeting with clients face to face, we are meeting them online and over video chat … Most of these business owners would have never done business this way but we were forced to overcome and adapt because business keeps going … Jennifer's take on how business owners can embrace the cloud couldn't have arrived at a better time. This book provides insight that will show our business owners how to take the necessary action to continue to move business forward, in a different way."

Brazer is the founder and CEO of Complete Controller, a leading national business services firm. As a business leader, Brazer believes that all business operators should have access to excellent financial data to fuel their critical decisions. Jennifer's company, founded in 2007, has become the turnkey CAS department for CPA firms across the country. Her Instagram #QueenofCAS hashtag records her triumphant and innovative lessons with the world. Brazer has served on the executive board of the National Association of Women Business Owners and speaks to incubators, students and associations.

Get your copy of From Cubicle to Cloud today everywhere books are sold and stay updated on Brazer's endeavors by visiting or searching her hashtag #QueenofCAS on Instagram.

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