JustRank — An SEO Company That Does Thing Differently in Malaysia
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JustRank — An SEO Company That Does Thing Differently in Malaysia

Friday, January 22, 2021 3:00 AM

While everything seems to be falling apart around us, one thing is sure - the future is online. JustRank is a relatively new player in the SEO market as a company but had been an SEO specialist for over a decade, ready to show the world how awesome your website is

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2021 / A new take off SEO company called JustRank is taking the Malaysian SEO market by storm. Offering high quality and accessible SEO services, they are helping local Malaysia businesses thrive. JustRank's goal is to provide Malaysian companies what SEO has provided for global competitors - exposure.

Over the past few years, online businesses have dominated the global market. Almost no one is buying from their friendly neighbor when everything can be found on the internet. That is the case in Malaysia too, where most retailers are facing bankruptcy. Some are trying to adapt and sell their products and services online, while others are heading downhill fast. It seems that there has never been a worse time to have a small and medium-sized business.

However, being on the internet is just the first step of the journey. Global businesses have had years to optimize and prepare their website. Meanwhile, newcomers are quickly overwhelmed when trying to get exposure. And so, SEO companies have come to the rescue.

Most of them are promising to turn a less visible website into an attraction. Yet, they barely scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to promoting a business. Furthermore, how can an SEO company located in the USA successfully promote a business they know nothing about in the local Malaysian markets? Local businesses, especially Malaysian ones, need something specifically designed with them in mind.

That's where JustRank comes in! Their goal is to rescue sinking local businesses and revive failing websites. Their strategy is simple and it all starts with a chat, where they find out about every owner's aspirations and goals.

Once the research is done, JustRank assembles their team members and gets to work. While most SEO companies simply use Google Ads or other barebones strategies, JustRank goes above and beyond. They enhance the organic growth of businesses improving their exposure in the long run. Their methods have proven to be successful and are specially designed to improve Malaysian website's visibility.

The professional team at JustRank specializes in on-page and off-page optimization. As a result, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher than the competition. Furthermore, they also emphasize the importance of keyword research, tailored to the client's needs. Their priority is to help Google bots index your website and rank it higher.

Just like their website states - We don't do it all, we focus on what we do the best. Overall they make sure that your website speaks the only language that matter, the SEO language with natural human intuition.

Everything boils down to results and JustRank has plenty to offer. This company is transparent and diligent, so what you see is what you get. Gone are the days of fake traffic bots that simulate exposure, JustRank stays away from them.

Not only that, but business owners don't have to fear that their website might be injected with malicious scripts. The website owner has complete control over what JustRank does or not to improve its visibility.

In the end, the local community is all that matters to JustRank. As Natalie puts it, "We are part of the local community and we always want to give something back. Struggling to advertise your business can be devastating for SMEs and can even lead to poor ROI and eventually bankruptcy. We help our community thrive and allow people from all over the world to discover what it offers."

Their Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool is the first for many to come.

Local Malaysian businesses need every advantage they can have and JustRank is here to tip the scales in their favor. Not giving SEO services a try means losing more ground to global, well-known giants.

About JustRank: Considered still a newcomer by some, Justrank.my is trying to do things differently. They understand the needs of local Malaysian businesses and adopt unique strategies for each one. Their aim is to provide the most professional services tailored to local Malaysian SMEs. JustRank's motto is to Show the world how awesome your website is. And that's just what they can help you do.

For more information on how JustRank can help your local business thrive, please contact Natalie at [email protected].

SOURCE: JustRank

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