Dr. Robert Davis Featured in Exclusive Interview with Kivo Daily
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Dr. Robert Davis Featured in Exclusive Interview with Kivo Daily

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 12:25 PM
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Co-founder at RD Heritage Group, Dr. Robert Davis, is featured in an exclusive interview with Kivo Daily. Here he discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on his industries and how he is adjusting to the ‘new normal.''

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 19, 2021 / RD Heritage Group, co-founded by Dr. Robert Davis, is a partnership of five family offices and their portfolio investments. In his candid conversation with a web publication, Kivo Daily, Dr. Robert Davis discusses the effect COVID-19 has had on different sectors of his business, particularly med-tech, biotech, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas. Despite these challenges, Dr. Robert Davis remains optimistic about the future and sees this crisis as a strong driver of innovation and creativity.

Dr. Robert Davis worked as a physician for several years before deciding to pursue business investments. While he doesn't work on the front lines, Dr. Robert Davis contributes to Coronavirus relief efforts in other ways. RD Heritage has invested in a medical treatment for COVID-19, a potential treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), of which there is currently no cure. Additionally, RD Heritage Group has also invested in a company that is developing a saliva test to detect the virus, even when individuals are asymptomatic.

When asked what keeps him motivated during this unprecedented time, Davis responds by saying: "I think seeing the loss of life, especially with patients who have co-morbidities, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, those who are immunosuppressed, or the elderly, particularly those in nursing homes. Those are the ones who are really hurt by what is going on. I think our ability to help them with some of the technologies we have invested in really keeps me motivated. That is a big driver for us."

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of the first Coronavirus case. While the past twelve months have been difficult due to fear of contracting the virus, death of family members and friends, changes to our daily lives, financial uncertainty, and social isolation, Dr. Robert Davis manages to find a small silver lining.

"If anything, it [COVID-19] has taught us the value of human contact and human interaction. I think things that we have taken for granted previously I am going to look at in an entirely different way," says Dr. Robert Davis.

Dr. Robert Davis encourages readers to use their free time wisely, including introspection, spending time with loved ones, sharpening one's skillset, and turning to faith.

Dr. Robert Davis concludes the interview on a positive note by reminding readers of the better times ahead. "Know that I am going to use this time to learn and grow, to focus on the positives. I have faith in the goodness of humanity and that we are going to pull through the pandemic together," he states.

If you are interested in reading Dr. Robert Davis' full interview with Kivo Daily, please visit the link here.

About Dr. Robert Davis

Dr. Robert Davis graduated third in his class from the University of Michigan before studying medicine at the University of Miami. After ten years of practicing medicine, he made the tough decision to transition to business investment. While he has always felt a desire to help people, he believed building partnerships with other global companies would lead to more meaningful change.

Today, Dr. Robert Davis is a co-founder and partner at RD Heritage Group, a successful multi-family partnership with offices in the United States and Bahrain. RD Heritage Group focuses on investing in lucrative sectors of the economy, including oil and gas, renewable energy, healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, automotive, agriculture, and real estate. Moreover, he recently launched the Robert Davis Scholarship Award, which provides financial support to students motivated by positive social and economic change.

Contact Information

Dr. Robert Davis
Website: www.robertdavisscholarship.com
Email: [email protected]

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Dr. Robert Davis
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