National Crime Check Now Handles Background Checks for Uber in Australia and New Zealand
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National Crime Check Now Handles Background Checks for Uber in Australia and New Zealand

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 3:20 AM
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ADELAIDE BC, SOUTH AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / January 19, 2021 / NCC has been working alongside Uber to provide background checks in Australia since 2018, and the company recently became Uber's partner in New Zealand as well. Thanks to the partnership, background checks for prospective Uber drivers take two-weeks or less.

Quick and reliable background checks are a huge part of what allows companies like Uber to thrive around the world. While each country imposes its own unique requirements on ride-sharing apps, almost all countries in the world require that some type of background check be performed on potential drivers. This is to stop bad actors from abusing the faith that citizens place on ridesharing apps.

In Australia, one of the companies behind such background checks is National Crime Check (NCC). With years of experience in the market, NCC provides background checks to fit a variety of needs within the Australian market. They are an agency accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, and through their national police checking service, NCC is able to provide valuable information for the Australian police and accredited organizations.

This includes information that helps organizations assess the suitability of people applying for employment, appointment to positions of trust, volunteer service, or who wish to join the gig economy by using services like Uber. Running police checks on applicants is a legal requirement in several Australian industries, and NCC is there to make that process fast and convenient.

Anyone who wants to drive for Uber in Australia - be it as a rideshare driver or an Uber Eats delivery person - has to go through an NCC background check. The process usually takes around 14-days, and the entire process can be completed by applicants online. And as of December of 2020, this partnership now also extends to New Zealand, where NCC will also be running background checks for Uber applicants.

"During a time when delivery services are booming and New Zealanders are re-entering the workforce, this new process will allow more efficiency and predictability to applicant driver-partners," NCC stated in a press release. "It will mean a speedier onboarding, allowing driver-partners to start earning money on the platform sooner."

They go on to explain that the process for applicants in New Zealand is simple. All you need to do is "provide consent, provide details (including address history and other names), and then upload proof of identity documents using InstaID+, a straightforward app that can be accessed from a mobile device. After these components have been submitted, no further action is required from the applicant."

This is very similar to how NCC handles ride-share applicants in Australia, where applicants are also only required to provide consent and submit their personal information online. The goal of the partnership is to help Uber grow in both markets by making the onboarding process speedier, and speed is a major selling point of the NCC's Police Check for Gig Economy service. For more information about the background check process, visit

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