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Alexander Rekeda Reflects on Favorite Places to Vacation Worldwide

Wednesday, 13 January 2021 12:15 PM

World traveler Alexander Rekeda looks back on past adventures and shares some of his favorite places to visit.

HOBOKEN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2021 / From the Dominican Republic and Aruba to Italy and Ukraine, avid traveler Alexander Rekeda has vacationed in countries around the world, embracing his many interests-including skiing and sailing-in the process. Looking back, Alex reflects on just a few of his favorite destinations, expressing a particular love of the Caribbean and the Ukrainian city of Kyiv.

"I've always loved traveling," explains Alexander Rekeda, speaking from his home in New Jersey, "particularly where I can also embrace my other passions, including sailing and skiing."

Alexander Rekeda's love of sailing and skiing has seen him travel extensively across North America, including trips to Utah, widely celebrated for its world-class ski resorts, and for having some of the greatest snow on the planet, the New Jersey-based world traveler reports.

Arguably Alexander Rekeda's number one place to vacation worldwide, however, is the Caribbean. Numerous trips to its islands and the surrounding coasts have seen Alex Rekeda head to the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the mid-south Caribbean island of Aruba-a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands-and elsewhere in recent years.

"Curacao's vast coral reefs, all rich with marine life, are a must-see," reveals Rekeda, "as are the Dominican Republic's beaches, savannas, and highlands, and Puerto Rico's waterfalls, mountains, and its famous El Yunque tropical rainforest."

Furthermore, the Caribbean, Alexander Rekeda says, is among the finest places on Earth to embrace his love of sailing. Yet, avid traveler, Alex doesn't always have to venture so far to take to the water, he reports. "I also enjoy sailing when I'm at home," Rekeda explains, "and, in particular, sailing around Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty, for example."

Elsewhere, Alexander Rekeda is similarly passionate about skiing and has visited the Italian Alps to do so. Alongside Utah's world-class resorts, Italy is, Rekeda says, one of his favorite places anywhere on the planet to ski. The Alps, he goes on to point out, also offer incredible skiing opportunities in neighboring countries, including France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Croatia, which, in fact, shares a maritime border with Italy.

Another of Alexander Rekeda's favorite places to vacation, on the other hand, is Ukraine. "I love to spend time in Kiev," he explains, "now widely recognized as an important scientific, industrial, educational, and cultural center in Eastern Europe."

Outside of his love of global travel, sailing, and skiing, Alexander Rekeda also maintains a keen interest in cars, sports, and philately. Passionate about soccer and vehicles from Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru, philatelist Alex's postage stamp collection, meanwhile, also ties in with his love of visiting Ukraine, with the global traveler the proud owner of numerous rare and unique Soviet Union sets from the 1960s and 1970s.


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