A Revolution in the Trading Realm with Insider Protocol's Bitcoin Trading Bot
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A Revolution in the Trading Realm with Insider Protocol's Bitcoin Trading Bot

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 2:10 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2021 / Recently, Insider Protocol has announced the launching of its trading platform that uses a new type of the bitcoin trading bot. The idea is to ensure the anonymity of the investors and help them get better from their investments.

An algorithm is a set of instructions that are used to control the functioning and actions of an electronic system. Think of an algorithm as a set of rules for human beings and other exchange bots. Algorithmic trading is a form of data-driven application. This means the application can derive intelligence and logical results from the data presented to it.

Trading knowledge derived from different complex principles and a holistic approach is very important to ensure you make it big in the financial realm. However, when the stress of trading and investing is left to the experts, investing becomes easy. This is where the Insider Protocol comes into play. The introduction of the Bitcoin Trading bot takes the cryptocurrency ecosystem one notch-up. A trading bot is an automated and intelligent bot that takes the right decision when it comes to handling trading decisions. Using the smart Bitcoin trading bot, people can get passive income from the trading pools.

Recently Insider Protocol successfully finished the testing of their major Option X algorithm for institutional traders. High-Frequency Trading is implemented in layering trading form which is used mostly by the financial sector. This trading technique for ordinary people has been recognized illegal when all financial brokers (and the entire banking sector) began to suffer large losses. Several quants programmers from the Mechanics of the Future team came from Greenhouse CM and Swift Trade and they know very well how to counter banking and other exchange HFT bots.

How the Layering method works: Every single layering operation is not illegal. A trader, of course, has the right to place orders at any available price and cancel the order at any time as often and quickly as wants. And it is technically impossible to find fault with the manipulation of bid prices.

The algorithm places in the order book many consecutive and slightly different orders for the purchase or sale of assets traded on the exchange, without having a real intention to purchase the asset, but only creating the impression of interest in them from other traders. This gives other traders the impression that there is a lot of demand. In order to have time to buy an asset at current prices, they are forced to place their buy orders. Considering that by this time the bot raises the best buy price almost to the desired level and the next order from another trader executes the real order of the bot.

The detailed trading statement by Option X algorithm can be found on the official website insiderprotocol.com

Insider Protocol is an ecosystem that is being created by the skilled Mechanics of the Future devs. With an emphasis on anonymity and no possibility of tracing the transactions, the team is developing its own blockchain which is based on the Mimblewimble (MW) protocol and has set a very high-quality bar and wants to exceed the trader's expectations. The ERC20 protocol is being temporarily used while the Insider Protocol project blockchain is being built. There are many very large projects that have been using and still use ERC20, when Blockchains are being in development, such as EOS, Binance, etc.

It's all about decentralizing the capital. The trading bot works with BTC/USDT trading pair. It uses three trading periods currently, ranging from short-term, mid-term, to long-term. However, the future endeavor is to expand and work with other trading assets as well, like LTC, XMR, and ETH. The revolution of business in the realm of cryptocurrency can be realized when the correct platform comes into play.

Trading strategy of any form comes with a set of instructions with the goal to make a trading decision on the basis of market data analysis. Therefore, the consistency of the trading logic is strongly associated with the capability of data processing. Next, comes using human-programmed logic or algorithm for trading and use the power of AI to make trading easy and hassle-free. Through data processing and data visualization, trade ideas emerge.

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