Meet Ad+Me, The Advertising Application That Is Changing The Way Businesses Advertise
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Meet Ad+Me, The Advertising Application That Is Changing The Way Businesses Advertise

Thursday, January 14, 2021 11:00 AM
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STEPHENS CITY, VA / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2021 / Have you ever wanted to advertise in a specific location but lacked the budget to pay for a billboard? Founders and creators Philip Stone and Chris Hild had the same issue. Furthermore, not only are billboards extremely expensive, but they can also be ineffective as the information is all but forgotten as soon as it's out of sight of the passerby. Stone and Hild developed the revolutionary app, Ad+Me Solutions LLC, as a new way for small to large businesses to advertise.

How does it work?
The app utilizes geofencing technology to place the ad in a specific physical location. Think billboard, but digital. Once the ad is set up, any app user is notified of the ad whenever they walk or drive by that location. This solution has drastically opened the doors for advertising opportunities in locations around the world. The advertising business pays a small fee to create and run their ad, but there is no fee to change the location of the ad.

"Imagine running an ad in the stadium of the Superbowl," explains co-founder Chris Hild, "You suddenly have access to thousands of eyes in one central location that you otherwise could never reach! The next day, you can simply move on to a new location."

What are the features?
Advertising businesses can include promotions or coupons with their ads to further incentivize customers. Once the customer clicks on the ad and uses the promotion, they'll have the option to leave a rating and review.

"We want our customers to feel confident in the service or product they're receiving, so these ratings will be important," says Stone.

While before, a consumer may have taken to a google search or Facebook inquiry to find a great plumber in their area, now they can simply search ads in their area or set their filters to receive notifications about plumbers.

How they avoid bombarding customers with ads:
"We know that not every ad will apply to every customer," says Stone, "That's why we have very specific filters set up so the customer can specify in detail the service or types of ads they're interested in receiving."

This avoids customers being notified by the wrong types of ads while staying up to date on the advertisements that can benefit them.

How much does it cost?
The app is free to use for consumers, and businesses pay a $55 fee per ad. For solo- entrepreneurs, they offer one free ad and additional ads at just $1 per ad. Advertising doesn't get much cheaper than that!

What types of businesses could benefit?
Anyone can use the app! The affordability of advertising makes the app accessible to all. A local dog walker can now advertise their services for less than it would cost to print up fliers! Stone and Hild expect that restaurants will be amongst their biggest users as consumers are very likely to have their filters set to receive food and beverage promotions. Some of the earliest adaptors include real estate agents, photographers, and contractors.

"This is just the beginning," says Hild, "We can't wait to get the app into as many hands as possible and see the way consumers and businesses benefit."

The app is available for download in the Itunes and Google play store. Download today to browse ads in your area or to start advertising your business.

Philip Stone and Chris Hild
Ad+Me Solutions LLC
PO Box 782, Stephens City, VA 22655
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