Happy Healthy Thin Announces New Service Option
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Happy Healthy Thin Announces New Service Option

Monday, January 11, 2021 12:20 PM
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GRAPEVINE, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2021 / Happy Healthy Thin, a holistic, customized weight loss program, which recently opened a new location in Grapevine, Texas, is proud to add a new offering to their service menu. The offering is called Contour Light Therapy and it is a non-invasive fat reduction therapy that uses the power of LED light to achieve real results.

This unique and innovative therapy helps clients lose inches and tighten their skin on the same day of the appointment. The best part is Contour Light Therapy is not a surgery, is not painful, and does not result in bruising.

The new Happy Healthy Thin LED Light Program empowers clients to improve their health by losing weight in traditionally hard to target areas of the body, such as the waistline, hips, arms, chin, and thighs. In essence, the option will allow you to see results on all the areas of the body that are typically resistant to weight loss through diet and exercise alone.

The new LED Light Program is revolutionary in the world of weight loss, as prior to its invention if a person wanted to lose weight quickly, they had two options. The first was to adhere to a strict diet and exercise more frequently and the second was to schedule an invasive medical procedure. Happy Healthy Thin feels that the former method of weight loss is extremely time consuming, not to mention intimidating for the average person, while the latter is often both dangerous and expensive.

The Contour Light Therapy addresses the flaws of these two traditional weight loss methods and offers a viable alternative. The new program combines simple nutritional suggestions and low-intensity exercise options with a relaxing, 20-minute session that accelerates the fat burning capabilities of one's body. Many of Happy Healthy Thin's clients have lost between five and 20 inches in less than one month.

To learn more about Happy Healthy Thin and their new weight loss therapy, please visit: www.happyhealthythin.com.

About Happy Healthy Thin

Happy Healthy Thin is one of the leading weight loss systems in the United States. They take a holistic approach to weight loss, centered around five core values: transformation, teamwork, leadership, WOW client experience, and simplicity.


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Happy Healthy Thin
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