Exploring the Loosely Coupled Blockchain License Model, Dujiangyan Opens a New Era of Digital Government Services
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Exploring the Loosely Coupled Blockchain License Model, Dujiangyan Opens a New Era of Digital Government Services

Monday, January 11, 2021 7:20 AM
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CHENGDU, CHINA / ACCESWIRE / January 11, 2021 / With the arrival of the 5g era, the digital economy has entered the fast lane of development. Chengdu has included the development of "digital economy" and "blockchain technology" into the "14th Five-Year Plan", and further put forward the idea of blockchain "scenario camp city" to seize the high ground of practice. As a blockchain demonstration area in Chengdu, Dujiangyan has followed the trend of the times, complied with the reform requirements of "streamline administration, delegate powers, improve regulation, and strengthen services", stayed close to the situation of specialty industries, integrated blockchain technology, and made a series of bold and innovative explorations and attempts from three areas: government service, urban governance and new consumption of cultural tourism.

One license for all businesses. The first blockchain medical institution practicing license in China was issued through the blockchain real estate license and blockchain business license

Based on the current application of blockchain technology and following the future development trend of blockchain technology, at the press conference of "Chengdu Chain Expo Series Activities - Dujiangyan First Blockchain Application Scenario Demonstration Project" on January 11, Dujiangyan released the results report of the first batch of application scenarios of blockchain and the first medical institution practicing license in Sichuan Province as the first application scenario in the field of government services, which started the transformation and upgrading of government services from "Internet +" to "Blockchain +".

It is reported that the blockchain medical institution practicing license is a kind of digital license. By virtue of the blockchain certificate storage and digital identity technology, it realizes the storage and query of the blockchain medical institution practicing license and the mutual recognition and sharing between government functional departments.

After the official launch of the blockchain license, residents may directly submit the application for the blockchain license online through the mobile terminal, and the government departments will use the blockchain technology for business approval, which removes the necessity for residents to prepare various paper materials with multiple trips to the government service center.

To improve quality and efficiency, blockchain technology realizes "one-click access" to government services

Compared with the existing "government services + Internet" model, "government services + blockchain" has the following three strengths:

I. Business handling on the mobile phone, "one-click access" to government services

The application of blockchain technology in government service allows residents or enterprises to log onto the online service platform to fill in the application information and realizes data comparison and verification through blockchain technology, so that the business can be handled on the mobile phone from application to review, truly achieving "one-click access" to government services.

II. Automatic data verification makes government service information safer

The cost of electronic data replication in the traditional database is almost zero, which makes it easy to tamper with the data and leads to high risk of electronic data leakage. Data fusion is realized through blockchain to ensure safe data flow.

III. Digitalization delivers more efficient government services

From the perspective of individuals and enterprises, digital certificates will replace paper materials, and users can transfer out certificates through mobile phones to realize real-time checking of the certification process, which greatly reduces the time for users to handle business; from the government's point of view, on the basis of ensuring the authenticity and security of data, blockchain technology solves the inefficiency in verification and evidence collection among government departments.

At present, the administrative service hall of Dujiangyan City handles about 800,000 applications every year. After the blockchain license is put into use, it can roughly save about 1.6 million hours for residents every year.

IV. Loosely coupled protocol broadens the approach to government service

The blockchain medical institution practicing license issued by Dujiangyan Municipal Government is not the first in China. Previously, Beijing and Loudi City of Hunan Province successively issued electronic licenses for real estate registration, which adopted the tightly coupled government alliance chain model and shared business data across departments, which greatly increased the complexity and difficulty of innovation of new business and new application, thus making it easy to pilot innovation of blockchain application but difficult to popularize such applications.

China's government service management model has distinct levels, and there are independent business logic and data systems between different levels or departments. For the sake of security and privacy, it is difficult to set apart the ownership and use right of government data by simple logic technology. Considering this realistic factor, Dujiangyan blockchain technology expert group broke the tight coupling mode of traditional government service alliance chain, decoupled business logic and business data from the chain, and created a loosely coupled collaboration mode. Business logic remains at the application level, and it is not required to share business data across departments, but only requires comparing the verification results, so as to realize data sharing among departments in a loosely coupled and lightweight way, thus modularizing and standardizing government services.

Empowering agencies to build a closed loop of trust in government services

The blockchain medical institution practicing license is an innovative breakthrough in the application of blockchain to government service scenarios, breaking the traditional government service model. Starting from specific scenarios and practical problems, it takes the blockchain technology as the core on the premise of complying with laws and regulations, and follows the principle of "autonomous and controllable, innovation-driven, application-driven, system-driven, open sharing" to open up the information island of government institutions.

In the future, Dujiangyan Municipal Government will further open more business data in the field of government services, establish a closed loop of trust in government services by using blockchain certificate storage technology, and open the government service market to the maximum extent on the premise of ensuring business and data security, thereby promoting technological and business innovation and increasing people's satisfaction with government services. The goal is to realize the efficient sharing of information, broaden the application scenarios, build a city of good faith, speed up urban construction, boost the development of Chengdu, and build a city that sets the benchmark for intelligent development across the country.


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