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Solita Takacs: The Canadian Based Mortgage Agent From The Philippines Who’s Passion Is Providing A Stress Free Mortgage Process To Her Clients

Thursday, 07 January 2021 18:30

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2021 / Many people come to Canada to settle and search for greener pastures. Sometimes the people who come to Canada seek to MAKE greener pastures for their neighbors and fellow Canadians. This is the case for Solita Hernandez-Takacs.

Solita Hernandez-Takacs, Thursday, January 7, 2021, Press release picture

Born in Malabon, a city in the Philippines, Solita Hernandez-Takacs immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. A passionate golfer, and a proud dog mom of a Morkie puppy named Peaches, Solita has grown accustomed to life in Canada. Being no stranger to having to get settled in a new place, let alone a foreign country, Solita has spent the last two years as a mortgage agent with Sunlite Mortgage, giving clients the help and guidance they deserve.

Asked more about Sunlite Mortgage, Solita responded "Sunlite Mortgage has been in the industry for 20 years. The vision of the company is to always ensure that their clients receive the best suited lender AND rates for commercial and residential mortgage borrowers, regardless of their credit and income."

Solita opined "Sunlite's company vision fits perfectly with me. I know from experience that many people don't meet the requirements to get greenlit for a mortgage by private or A lenders. These include first time home buyers, clients with bad credit, or who have equity on their properties, clients who are renewing their mortgages, the self employed, and new immigrants like I once was. These people get shut out and don't receive the help they need or deserve to get settled or resettle."

She continued "The reason I joined Sunlite was to help those people by giving them the opportunity to obtain quality service from a certified mortgage broker who is willing to put in the time, attention, and work to show them that the grass is indeed greener here."

Solita further explained that what separates her services from bigger institutions and other mortgage agents is her willingness to "make the mortgage process stress-free and to be there throughout the entire process and beyond. That's why my promise is to find the lender that's the best fit for my client's borrower requirements, nothing less. I treat my clients like good friends, and I'd never let them down."

If you weren't convinced of Solita's commitment to helping, she offers her mortgage consultation services for FREE, just because she knows that if there's any other value from working with a mortgage agent who knows her stuff, it's learning the stuff yourself. "What I offer isn't just the mortgage process, I also want to impart a mortgage education on people so they are better prepared to make sound financial decisions for their future. Be it because they worked with me or made use of my free consultations, I want people to thrive in their situation."

Learn more about Solita Hernandez-Takacs and how you can reach greener pastures by qualifying, refinancing, renewing, or saving more from your mortgage, with the help of a qualified mortgage agent.


Solita Hernandez-Takacs
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SOURCE: Solita Hernandez-Takacs

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