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Top 4 Tips for Choosing Your Cosmetic Dentist, From Sam Shahoveisi DDS

Thursday, 31 December 2020 11:00 AM

PICO RIVERA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2020 / "We offer quality, personalized dentistry, available to all." When Dr. Sam Shahoveisi first opened his dental practice, City Dental Centers in Southern California, 20 years ago, he was struck by the lack of cosmetic dental services available to patients outside of wealthy Los Angeles and Orange County neighborhoods. He vowed to do something about this disparity, and two decades later he owns and operates 4 ultra-successful cosmetic dentistry offices in LA suburbs.

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi, Thursday, December 31, 2020, Press release picture

These are his top tips for what to look for when choosing a cosmetic dentist:

1. If they don't look at your face, don't do it. Cosmetic dentistry, specifically the smile makeover or veneers, is not about a snapshot of the mouth or the smile. It's about each client's unique personality, customization, and face.

"When a patient comes for a consultation about veneers or wants to enhance their smile in any way, the last thing I tell them in the session is to smile for me to analyze it", says Dr. Sam. "I look at their face first. The eyes, the cheek bones, the chin, if there is a dimple or not… these are the things a real experienced and passionate cosmetic dentist should focus on before they even begin to analyze your smile and teeth individually."

Smile makeovers are customized. They are not a factory set of teeth made the same for all and repeated in every case. Unfortunately, a lot of the cosmetic dentists treat the procedure in that way. Some have their teeth prepped at their office and the subsequent work by a lab that does the same thing over and over again, not allowing much customization. Veneers must match the facial features of the patient.

"If the cosmetic dentist can not close his eyes and picture the patient's face in complete detail, then I would advise to continue looking", says Dr. Sam.

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2. Make sure they know your personality. Smiles have to match each person's unique personality. For example, a masculine smile, no matter how well it is designed in a lab, will naturally contradict an outgoing cheerful feminine face. It is the dentist's job to fabricate a smile that enhances one's natural traits.

"I always get to know who my clients are, before beginning to talk about their teeth. I do not start any case until I have been able to make my patients laugh", says Dr. Sam. "I need to know who they are, what they like, what kind of temperament they have, etc. in order to properly determine their perfect smile"

Unnaturally white teeth are currently trending. More and more patients are asking to make their teeth so white that people can tell they are veneers. They tend to want people to know that they had the job done.

According to Dr. Sam, "This is fine. I do these procedures all the time. I will make them as white as the patient wants, however, the shape of the teeth, which represent their personality, is not something that I will compromise on."

This is key. A good cosmetic dentist listens to what you want and is capable of delivering with a few corrections here and there. However, a great cosmetic dentist listens to what you want, yet does not compromise on what he knows is best for you (i.e. the shape of the teeth). This cosmetic dentist knows exactly what will best suit you, and he will deliver.

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi, Thursday, December 31, 2020, Press release picture

3. Know what goes on behind the scenes. Half of the work involved with a smile makeover is required by the cosmetic dentist. The other equally integral and important half is performed behind the scenes in the dental lab. Undergoing a procedure such as a smile makeover or veneers, is costly and life changing; it is important to make sure your dentist is using the best lab out there. The range that a dental lab charges a dentist to fabricate each unit of a veneer is very wide. There are labs that charge a dentist as little as $70 per unit, and there are labs that charge up to $700 per unit- a 10 fold difference. Labs that sell veneer on the lower end tend to pay less attention to the details that are essential for the look that you and your dentist want to achieve. Unfortunately, there are also dentists that will add to their own profit margin by choosing to save on the dental lab technicians costs.

"I recognized the importance of this factor which is usually out of the control of the dentist. Determined to bring the best quality and care to my patients, I developed my own state of the art lab dedicated to doing my cases only. The technicians know exactly what I want; from the pouring of the first model to the last touches of porcelain… I am present through the whole process", says Dr. Sam.

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi, Thursday, December 31, 2020, Press release picture

4. Check them out on social media. We live in a world with constant and rapid changes involving technology, materials, and ideas. Although there may be some old timers in the cosmetic field of dentistry that may not have an Instagram or Yelp page, most do and it is a quick and efficient way to evaluate their work. It used to be that you had to see pictures of a dentist's before and after work in his office and if you were lucky he would introduce you to one of his patients so you can talk to them in person.

"Their social media accounts don't have to have millions of followers or photographs with celebrities for you to establish how great of a cosmetic dentist they are. If they are passionate about their work, it will reflect on their profiles. Also check for watermarks on their before and after photos", Dr. Sam says with a laugh.

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi is the #1 dentist to watch out for in 2021. He takes an entirely unique approach to cosmetic dentistry. A pioneer in his methodology, he presently owns and operates 4 extremely successful dental offices in and around Los Angeles suburbs.

To learn more about Dr. Sam or to inquire about his veneers and cosmetic dentistry services, visit

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi, Thursday, December 31, 2020, Press release picture


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