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Amzur Expands On-Demand IT Staffing, a Major Differentiator for Technology Projects

Wednesday, 30 December 2020 10:43 AM

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2020 / Amzur Technologies, Inc. (Amzur), Florida's premier agile IT staffing solutions provider-principally for the banking, insurance, financial services, and healthcare sectors-has expanded its talent acquisition services to include nearshore resources, further streamlining the IT staffing process.

Most information technology disciplines require highly specialized knowledge and experience, meaning companies often struggle to find the right full-time or even temporary personnel who can successfully complete IT projects. But Amzur Talent Solutions simplifies this process, sourcing qualified candidates from around the world to fill various niches and needs in nearshore, onshore, and even offshore roles. Available locations now also include the Middle East, further solidifying the company's dedication to providing global reach.

With over 15 years' experience vetting IT professionals for disciplines ranging from cloud and app development to digital transformation, Amzur uses a holistic approach to IT staffing:

  1. Locate highly specialized talent, whether onshore, nearshore, or offshore.
  2. Prequalify and vet that talent to meet compliance standards (plus client-specific needs) using an interview process maintained by certified IT experts.
  3. Manage the entire deployment to ensure a seamless, cohesive experience.

This advanced staff augmentation methodology makes on-demand IT staffing simple, affordable, and reliable for remote and extended teams. It also uses an independent interviewing platform designed to host over 3,000 certified IT-expert interviewers, which can help companies achieve more agile resource management and leaner operations.

Having been active since 2004, Amzur has acquired a wealth of internal experience and knowledge in shaping IT and HR business strategies, plus a large pool of highly skilled IT professionals, all of which helps optimize cost and time to market and ensures the staffing process goes as smoothly as possible. This holistic talent strategy includes training, benefits, career growth, and a family-friendly workplace for all consultants, not only giving clients immediate access to a wide network of experienced and certified specialists but also ensuring those team members are happy, loyal, and hard-working.

"I have been working with Amzur for more than five years," said Mandeep Behal, IT consultant. "They are very supportive and always try to best assist the associates with any kind of issues. They give importance to their associates and treat them with the utmost respect."

Through this proven, holistic approach to on-demand IT staffing, Amzur Talent Solutions is able to offer unparalleled expertise in sourcing top-tier IT talent, including the ability to accelerate recruitment timelines, eliminate proxy candidates, reduce operating costs, and free up internal resources, all while allowing clients to immediately fill knowledge gaps and upskill internally.

About Amzur: Based in Tampa, Florida, with a workforce of 300 across two continents, Amzur offers technology and staffing services at a size and scale that provide optimal flexibility. In addition to IT staffing, its expertise spans NetSuite implementation, Internet of Things, product engineering, and more. For three consecutive years, Amzur received the TechServe Alliance "Excellence Award," which recognizes IT and engineering staffing and solutions firms that have demonstrated outstanding performance, team productivity, and dedication to continuous improvement. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected].

SOURCE: Amzur Technologies, Inc.

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