Key Capital COVID-19 Oral Pill Vaccine Update
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Key Capital COVID-19 Oral Pill Vaccine Update

Monday, December 28, 2020 12:15 PM
Key Capital Corporation

Key Capital Invites Partnering Inquiries for COVID-19 Therapeutic Vaccine

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2020 / KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC PINK:KCPC) advises that the Company, through Key Biotec, is offering an unique opportunity to major investors, institutions, and/or government agencies to partner a patent protected oral pill COVID-19 therapeutic vaccine that has been developed by the Immunitor scientific team, and subject to clinical validation and regulatory approvals, is market ready and able to support an urgent global need.

This partnering opportunity is unique, as the Key Capital vaccine is a room temperature-stable oral pill that is therapeutic as well as prophylactic. It does not require administration by medical personnel and is of course needle-free. In many cities in the USA, UK, EU, and elsewhere, where hospital and ICU beds are already at capacity with daily infections and deaths increasing, the oral pill therapeutic vaccine has the potential to provide rapid patient response as well as a dramatic easing of the financial burden.

The COVID-19 pandemic is clearly not going away anytime soon. Vaccines such as the recently approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will not resolve the global crisis as most of Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and countries such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh cannot support cold-chain custody and administration, and further, they cannot afford the vaccination costs. Furthermore, these injectable vaccines are already widely reported to cause common side effects including fever, chills, aches, itching, swelling, as well as allergic reactions.

As the virus mutates, and daily infections, hospitalizations, and deaths increase, the therapeutic options remain limited. However, the Key Capital COVID-19 oral pill therapeutic vaccine can potentially meet the challenges of the pandemic by being able to offer an immediate therapeutic treatment option in pill form.

Main advantages of the Key Capital COVID-19 therapeutic vaccine include:

  • Safe - Little or No Reported Side Effects - a proven oral pill delivery platform
  • Therapeutic - therapeutic focus and added prophylactic benefit
  • Effective - it optimizes immune response
  • Oral Pill - needle-free and far more efficient than other alternatives
  • Low-Cost - both in manufacture as well as in logistics and application
  • Mass Production Capability - production ready
  • Patented - the gut mucosa/microbiome delivery optimizes the body's primary immune system defense against infection

Key Capital Chairman, Peter Boonen today stated: "We could have had an eight month start in the USA from when we first announced an effective and viable COVID-19 oral pill vaccine. Now that US COVID-19 deaths have escalated from just two on March 4 this year, to over 325,000 with close to 125,000 current COVID-19 hospitalizations, the crisis is far more critical - and global. This does not take to account the massive economic costs and disruption, at personal, business, and government levels, much of which could have been avoided."

He added, "I have absolutely no doubt that we could very quickly start saving lives and freeing up critically needed ICU and hospital beds in the USA. All we need is a partnered financial support to progress a rapid clinical validation and FDA regulatory approval, or to support an FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to get a treatment regime started. Most importantly, in developing countries the only option for national COVID-19 treatment and prevention would be an easily administered and affordable solution such as Key Capital can potentially offer"

About the COVID-19 Therapeutic Vaccine:

The Key Capital COVID-19 therapeutic vaccine offers the potential for post-exposure treatment of symptomatic COVID patients and also provides prevention benefit. The therapeutic vaccine treatment is orally administered and is absorbed through the gut mucosa, stimulating the body's immune system to elicit a protective antiviral response, as well as inhibiting viral infection by bocking virus uptake by and viral replication in host cells.

To the Company's knowledge, its vaccine products are the only products demonstrating success as an oral vaccine to treat terminal and late-stage cancers, TB, and other serious conditions - and the only known therapeutic immunotherapy vaccine treatment available as a simple pill without side effects.

Of specific significance in the case of the oral pill vaccine application to COVID-19 is that almost all infectious viruses enter the host through mucous membranes. Therefore, mucosal immunity, rather than systemic, is regarded as essential to maximally protect against any such transmitted pathogens.

Key Capital Business Focus:

As advised in previous announcements, the Company will in association with Immunitor Inc, remain focused and seek to fast-track further clinical studies and regulatory approval of the FDA Orphan Drug Designated Immunitor V5 as a development priority.

The Company is however offering the COVID-19 therapeutic vaccine partnering opportunity as there is a clear global need for a simple, affordable, and easily mass-distributable COVID-19 treatment, and significantly, the Key Capital COVID-19 oral pill therapeutic vaccine has already been developed and is currently being tested in several Asian locations.

Current Liver Cancer (HCC) Situation and Options:

There is urgent need for an effective liver cancer treatment, as its incidence is increasing affecting over 800,000 people annually with a high mortality rate of about 700,000 per year, and treatment options being prohibitively expensive. In most patients, by the time HCC is diagnosed, surgical intervention or liver transplants are often not feasible, and conventional systemic chemotherapies have poor response success and are quite systemically toxic.

None of the currently approved or experimental HCC drugs are free from adverse side effects, nor have they secured significant success in treatment or shrinking tumors. Keytruda for example, aside from its high cost, only has a 10% positive response rate in 12-month HCC treatments.

Breakthrough Liver Cancer Treatment

Immunitor V5 has demonstrated unparalleled success in all clinical studies to date for the treatment of liver cancer, which is predominantly hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In a phase 2 randomized placebo control clinical study reported in February 2017 peer-reviewed open access Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, of 75 patients with late-stage or inoperable HCC, over 90% were responsive to the oral V5 treatment and alive after a median 12 months of follow up - by comparison only about 10% are responsive after one year of treatment with Nexavar.

Key Capital Corporation: The Company's immediate objective is the further development of the oral pill immunotherapeutics opportunity through its Key Biotec and Immunitor partnering, particularly on advancing the Orphan Drug Designated V5 cancer candidate, along with early focus on disease conditions with unmet needs.

2021: The past year certainly served up many unprecedented challenges for most of the world, and for many the year was stressful and traumatic. Let us all look forward to a speedy return to at least close to what was regarded as normal life. Wishing all a healthy and great New Year.

For further information see: and

For all inquiries please contact: Key Capital at +1 (646) 401-0177, or Peter Boonen, Chairman, at [email protected]


Disclaimer: Statements made in this press release that express the Company or management's intentions, plans, beliefs, expectations, or predictions of future events, are forward-looking statements. The words "believe," "expect," "intend," "estimate," "anticipate," "will" and similar expressions are intended to further identify such forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. Those statements are based on many assumptions and are subject to many known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause the Company's actual activities, results or performance to differ materially from those anticipated or projected in such forward-looking statements. The Company cannot guarantee future financial results, levels of activity, performance or achievements and investors should not place undue reliance on the Company's forward-looking statements.

SOURCE: Key Capital Corporation

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