Michael Bilokonsky Shares Tips for Winterizing Motorcycles in New Feature Article
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Michael Bilokonsky Shares Tips for Winterizing Motorcycles in New Feature Article

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 9:00 AM
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FORT THOMAS, KY / ACCESSWIRE / December 23, 2020 / Michael Bilokonsky, a successful freight industry executive and avowed motorcycle enthusiast, has created a new feature article that provides practical and effective tips for winterizing motorcycles.

The piece can be found on AZBigMedia.com - a leading digital platform that covers breaking business and real estate news, and lifestyle features.

In the article, Michael Bilokonsky, who is the CEO and President of Fort Thomas, Kentucky-headquartered Whitehorse Freight, advises motorcycle owners to put the following items on their annual winterization checklist: cleaning, engine protection, tire preparation, lube protection, and battery safety.

With respect to cleaning, Michael Bilokonsky - whose stable of motorcycles includes a pristine 830-pound 1746cc single cam pushrod V-twin Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special 2017 - reminds motorcycle owners that cleaning for display and cleaning for storage are not the same thing; the latter needs to be much more comprehensive. Furthermore, he suggests using a leaf blower to get rid of any water droplets, and applying a coat of wax to prevent damage caused by humidity and the elements.

As for safeguarding your engine, Michael Bilokonsky suggests an oil change to protect the cylinder walls and pistons. He also recommends removing the spark plugs, pouring some engine oil into the empty spark plug holes, revving the engine to spread the oil, and then putting the spark plugs back in.

Regarding tire protection, to avoid an unwelcome tire replacement bill in the spring, Michael Bilokonsky urges motorcycle owners to lift both tires off the ground using a stand. If this isn't possible, then at the very least the rear tire should be raised.

When it comes to lube protection, Michael Bilokonsky has some essential, yet easy-to-remember advice: if a component needs to be lubricated from the spring through to the fall, then it should be lubricated prior to winter storage. Areas that need particular attention include cables, chains, fork surfaces, controls, and all pivot points.

And finally, the battery in the winter is something that some new motorcycle owners struggle with, because in the spring they learn - and much to their frustration - that unused batteries will self-discharge if they are hooked up. Fortunately, Michael Bilokonsky has a simple, safe and proven solution: remove the battery and keep in a safe and dry location. He also suggests using a battery tender, which is an inexpensive device that plugs into any standard AC wall outlet and transfers power to a battery, therefore keeping in charge.

"People who properly winterize their motorcycle won't just be able to head out on the open road as soon as winter is over, but they will also prolong the lifespan of their bike," commented Michael Bilokonsky. "All it takes is a little preventative maintenance."

To learn more about Michael Bilokonsky visit his website here.

About Michael Bilokonsky

Michael Bilokonsky is an entrepreneur originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and now living and working in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. After spending several years working in the freight transportation and logistics industry, in 2015 Michael he launched his own company, Whitehorse Freight.


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