Electronics Recycling: Making Sure You Know Where To Go
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Electronics Recycling: Making Sure You Know Where To Go

Monday, December 28, 2020 9:00 AM
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LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2020 / As time goes on, electronic waste (e-waste) becomes a growing problem due to its adverse effects on our environment, with toxic elements leaking into the earth and our water streams. The negative effects should bring about greater public consciousness toward the damage that e-waste that is not recycled properly can cause, as do laws at state levels often mandating recycling of these items instead of placing them with household trash.

Always be aware of who the trustworthy recyclers are. It cannot be stressed enough to use one like R2 Recycling, which works with R2 certified partners nationwide: this makes them the best destinations for your end-of-life electronics and secure data destruction. An R2 representative discussed with us the correct way to dispose of e-waste, as well as touching on the benefits of its proper disposal.

The best way to start is by going to an established, experienced, reputable e-waste specialist. As a representative from R2 Recycling stated, it only helps to dedicate a little time to research to become well informed: "As individuals and as citizens of our nation, it's imperative to recycle your computers & other electronic material at a facility that is as committed to good stewardship of the environment and ensuring that your personal data never ends up where it doesn't belong.".

In a nutshell, dedicated e-waste recyclers will accept items that are either electric or battery powered. Many recyclers offer simple residential drop-off items that involve a very brief consultation with company personnel and handing off items which can be done in a matter of minutes. They generally keep standard business hours during the week, and extend access to municipalities, businesses, schools and the like through a variety of programs (container service, live load collections, & events among them).

Those seeking to recycle e-waste would do well to visit the website of their chosen recycler. They generally follow specific procedures regarding the disposal of electronics. Recyclers which have established a national presence, like R2 Recycling and their nationwide partners that follow the R2 standard, will accept anything with a plug or battery, extending from computers & televisions to office equipment like printers, faxes & large copiers.

To further simplify the process, R2 Recycling will even come directly to you for a pickup if you are a business or other organization: all you have to do is contact them directly, and they along with their network of R2 certified recycling partners will be happy to assist you. For businesses in particular, arranging for a pickup can have numerous benefits: notably, having a less cluttered workspace will result in improved organization and greater productivity.

For more information, contact R2 Recycling at (866) 509-7267 or reach them online at http://www.r2-recycling.com.

About R2 Recycling

R2 Recycling is a premier computer and electronics recycler that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government entities. The recycler serves clients nationwide.


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