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Kephi Channels its Luxury Collection During its Fashion Show in Dubai

Monday, December 21, 2020 2:50 AM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2020 / On November 20th 2020, the London-based sustainable brand Kephi held its exclusive fashion show in the presence of some of the top figures in the fashion industry, including fashion editors, influencers, bloggers, socialites, entrepreneurs, fashion buyers and media that flew all the way to Dubai from United Kingdom, USA, France, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil.

Kephi, Monday, December 21, 2020, Press release picture

The event opened with one of the hottest Dubai pop-stars who performed her hit songs in a spectacular setting of lights and impacting visuals, while fierce models who were selected specifically with a diversity took the runway.

The fact of the matter is models are more than just mannequins to hang clothes on - they are real people who play a huge role in representation. The standard of beauty is often defined by the people who promote the clothing we wear. Racial diversity was one of the values that the Kephi Fashion show has highlighted with the spotlight fairly featuring people of color. They were carefully selected and they were a combination of models from different countries.

The collection offered reworkings of luxurious wardrobe staples like tracksuits & tees, sharply cut blazers, shirts and naturally-dyed denim which are made from recycled fabrics, as well as natural fibres like organic cotton and linen. It's a non-fussy approach to high, sustainable fashion, from the mind Kephi's designers.

Its founders believe that making conscious clothing choices can promote well-being and cause a profound and lasting impact in every aspect of a person's life. Indeed, more than just a label Kephi wants to highlight these values through its clothing, reminding us that sustainability is a philosophy and a lifestyle.

To this end, the idea behind this fashion show collection was to create an eco-friendly reinvention of existing garments we all love. This includes denim trousers and jackets, double-breasted blazers and coats, classic midi and mini skirts, tees and joggers in a palette of neutrals which are easy to mix and match with any wardrobe. Some of the standout items included a hand-dyed two-toned denim jacket and soft cutout organic knits, among many other pieces.

Part of what gives all of these wardrobe staples a revitalized feel was the styling which mixed sports pieces like hoodies and joggers with blazers, sharply cut trousers and elegant daywear. Some notable iterations of these classics were the denim jacket and t-shirts with the Kephi logo and positive messages like "Great days begin with Great mindsets".

These messages are part of the cheeky and playful nature of Kephi, encouraging positive thinking and inspiring the wearer to embrace a conscious and joyful attitude towards life; all details that add to Kephi's thinking outside of the box in design and originality.

Indeed all show attendees were dazzled by the spectacular presentation, capturing every magical moment with their phones and sharing their favourite looks on their social media. Among the standout pieces we can say Kephi's signature graphic message items will become the most coveted garments among models, editors, and music stars.

This presentation in Dubai is just the beginning. Soon the brand will be announcing very exciting news about its future international launches which include womenswear and menswear showings in other top international runways and events including.

This way, Kephi aims to broadcast a broader message for those who are not afraid to show their passion for life and dare to work hard to achieve goals. All of this, of course, consciously and sustainably.

Watch Kephi Fashion show here:

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