Indie Hip-Hop Artist Levels Playing Field With Music Label, Aims to Uplift Others
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Indie Hip-Hop Artist Levels Playing Field With Music Label, Aims to Uplift Others

Sunday, December 20, 2020 8:45 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2020 / With the intention of seeking other artists in the industry who want to produce game-changing and magical music, Sabathil720, an independent hip-hop artist, fiercely built his music label. The artist has a distinct commitment to using music as an instrument to spark change. He aims to find like-minded people to create a community of positive thinkers who would help him "bring hip-hop music back to its original roots."

Sabathil720 is known for his thought-provoking messages carried through his music. Born Melvin Acquah, he always knew that there was room for change in the music industry and thought of innovative ways to right what he thought was wrong. The artist delivers every word and beat with pure emotion, captivating music lovers across the globe. Recently, he released his single called "Like Me," introducing a mix of unique beats while simultaneously "reminiscent of modern trap, old-school hip-hop, and low subterranean bass."

Additionally, the artist wanted to pursue his passion with full creative freedom and control over his music. So Sabathil720 created his record label, ensuring audiences that his music is not shrouded by others' influence but is purely his own. The artist wanted to produce music without the hassle of dealing with music contracts. Over the years, he has landed deals with prominent players in the industry, able to meet his terms with consensual agreement.

Sabathil720 seeks audiences who are not afraid to speak their mind, to fight relentlessly for what they believe in. His music is original and capable of breaking barriers. They inspire listeners to pursue the greater things in life, other than cars, jewelry, or money. The artist wants to be a voice that uplifts souls and makes them believe that they are not alone in their journey. In turn, his lyrics and rhythm give him a competitive edge over other creators in the industry.

"My goal as an artist is to work with other artists or whomever wants to make magic creating music," said Sabathil720. Additionally, the artist is using his platform to speak for the Black community. "I want to break the curse and see my people come together and build better communities with safer living environments so our children can have a brighter future," he said.

Before building his own brand, Sabathil720 was in a group called The ETMC's with his late brother Thaahum. With a collaboration with the film director Adam Rifkin and working with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, aka Jay and Silent Bob, the brothers explored outside the indie hip-hop landscape. Together, they ventured into comedy and film and even created a parody of the songs called "Baby Mama Drama Ills" and "Blue Balls." The parodies were featured on the Showtime series called LOOk.

"After the passing of my brother, I vowed to continue his journey through music, and I challenge social norms of modern rap by stepping up my lyrical content," shared Sabathil720. His new song, "Like Me," is proof of how he is continuing and honoring his brother's legacy. Like Thaahum, the artist dedicates his life to his music and wants to inspire other upcoming rappers to follow in his footsteps. Through his label, he is making the journey more tangible and achievable.

Learn more about Sabathil720 on Instagram.

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