Canada's Start-Up Visa Program: Best Opportunity for Ambitious Immigrant Entrepreneurs
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Canada's Start-Up Visa Program: Best Opportunity for Ambitious Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Saturday, December 19, 2020 9:00 AM
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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 19, 2020 / The use of innovative technologies has rapidly increased in the past few years. This means the workforce to drive these innovative changes is high in demand. However, a recent study by the Innovation Economy Council (IEC) has reported a 25% drop in employment in the sector of technology start-ups. The report further mentioned that the Canadian government and businesses will now have to rely on foreign sources or the growth of an entire decade could be lost. It also highlighted that start-ups are crucial to cover the damages and revive the economy.

Canada has always been a great place for immigrants and entrepreneurs, and now it's working harder than ever to foster international start-ups. Many factors influence the success or failure of a start-up - most important of them is the right support. You need the help of the right people in the right environment to get to your destination.

If you are looking for that right support and environment, there couldn't be a better place than Canada. They need innovators now more than ever to create a sustainable economy and they have devised smart policies to provide every possible opportunity to entrepreneurs. Canada has everything you can wish, and its Start-Up Visa Program makes it more appealing to entrepreneurs and investors. Canada is one of the most welcoming nations that is also ranked top in the world when it comes to the quality of life. Furthermore, it has:

  • A strong economy with an inflation rate of only 2.3 percent.
  • The best healthcare system in the world that is free of all its citizens and residents.
  • One of the top three education systems in the world that offers free education up to post-secondary.

The start-up visa program is a great alternative to the previously discontinued federal investment program and the Quebec investment program. It doesn't require you to invest a big amount to be eligible, but you will need to have settlement funds of about 10,000 USD. You can live anywhere in the country and also bring your family there. There is also no strict language requirement as you only need five points in IELTS, and you can apply for citizenship only after three years as a resident.

Anyone who seeks to enter this country can now fulfill his goal with the start-up visa program. To be eligible, you need to have a business project and meet some requirements of the government. You will have to do one of the three things.

  • Get an investment of over 200,000 CAD in your project from a venture capital fund group that is designated by the government.
  • Get an investment of up to 75,000 CAD in your project from an angel investor that is designated by the government.
  • Get accepted in a business incubator program to involve them in your project.

In addition, you must be an active manager and hold at least 10% of voting shares in the company. You will start a business, create jobs, and help other entrepreneurs, which makes you an ideal citizen. This country will give you the best support and opportunities to fulfill your goals as an entrepreneur. The real challenge, however, is to get started with a business in Canada. This is where you need the help of Mahyar Hallaj Pour, founder and CEO of i3 Capital & Canadapass Immigration Services.

Mahyar's passion is to help mankind and, though it's cliché, to make this world a better place. With this one single goal in mind, he founded his own accelerator & immigration consultancy. With his years of experience as a businessman and a professional in legal field, he secured a position among Canada's top ten immigration and business development firms in a period of less than ten year.

i3 Capital & Canadapass Immigration Services acts as a one-stop-shop accelerator & immigration consultancy and hailed as one of the best start-up visa program firm in Canada. It has a small yet powerful team with the handpicked professionals from Canada, Silicon Valley, New York, Europe and middle-east they have helped start-ups projects in various fields such as Artificial intelligence, virtual and Augmented reality, power solar solutions, clean energy, smart housing, digital health, biotechnology, smart farming and self-sustainable vertical agriculture, with their venture.

I3 capital and Canadapass immigration service has over 80 years of combined experience to offer in business development and legal matters. With heir help, any ambitious entrepreneur can enter Canada with family in about 6 months and get a Permanent Residency within 12-16 months under the start-up visa program.

i3 Capital & Canadapass Immigration Services is one of Canada's top ten immigration and business development consultancy firms that has been offering its services with a single aim of helping business immigrants, professionals, students and families migrate and settle in Canada. Get more information on its websites: &

Got any questions? Contact i3 Capital & Canadapass Immigration Services for a free consultation.


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