Largest Network of Used Car Domains Ever Assembled Offered for Sale
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Largest Network of Used Car Domains Ever Assembled Offered for Sale

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 7:35 PM
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MyCityUsedCars network of 1,300 URLs represents over 80-percent of the U.S. market

NISSWA, MN / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2020 / Imagine if someone offered you the ground-floor opportunity to own not just the very first Jersey Mike's or UPS Store or Taco Bell, but every single location across the country. Suddenly, you'd own a game-winning business model, giving consumers in all the larger cities access to your invaluable services or delicious food. Would you seize the opportunity?

Two decades ago, recognizing that search would have to include geo-specific modifiers in order to be consumer-friendly, Seth Neistadt began quietly buying internet domains. At first, the ex-General Motors internet manager set his sights on the local California market, securing He built a website and spent his after-work hours establishing connections with local auto dealers - many of them in odd, tough-to-find locations - asking for a mere $500 a month to post photos of their used car inventory.

"That first night, I signed six dealers and realized I was on to something," recalls Neistadt, who launched his online franchise model in 1999. "Within two weeks I'd signed thirty-two dealers just in my local area. Confident my idea was repeatable, I bought another domain for the next largest city in my area and signed more dealers. Soon, I started buying bigger cities - Phoenix, Atlanta, Seattle, San Diego; as many as I could afford."

Early on, Neistadt says he felt a little like Walt Disney, who in the 1960s stealthily purchased Florida land for a little theme park idea. Likewise, Neistadt kept his purchases carefully under the radar, sure others would eventually recognize the dotcom landgrab and cause a skyrocket in price tags. Eventually, he acquired over 1,000 city-specific used car domains and in 2006 negotiated another 140 key URLs for $140,000.

Today, Neistadt and his partners at own over 1,300 unique domains that are structured on behaviorally targeted "Exact Match" Google search phrases creating the largest network of Google search-based, classified listing sites in North America. Each name is uniquely intuitive and geo-specific to a city, i.e.,,, etc. As some city names appear in multiple states (Dallas occurs in nine states), the URLs actually represent over 4,000 US cities. That expansive lineup translates to over 80-percent of all US cities with a population of 25,000 or more and 15 of the largest metro areas in America.

According to a recent Forbes article, "automotive manufacturers need to turn their attention to the possibilities presented by the used car business and low-cost models." Platforms that help dealers sell used cars have huge potential. Autotrader generates $1.025 billion annually, was acquired as part of a 1.8-billion-dollar deal in 2014 where after the acquisition, the domain was valued at $827 million, and TrueCar earned a respectable $353M in revenue in 2019.

For the first time ever, Neistadt is offering to package and sell all the domains together. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the largest network of used car URLs runs now through March 1, 2021. On March 2, the exclusive bundle offering will expire, as the domains will be available for individual sale.

"I've received offers up to $40,000 for an individual domain, but this gives someone the chance to instantly secure and canvass the entire U.S. used car market with a single turnkey transaction."

Neistadt adds: "These days, car dealers are spending upwards of $10,000 to $20,000 a month on lead generation. Our platform gives them more control over geographic searches and draws more leads with marketing-friendly URLs.

Focusing on localized keywords is crucial for a dealership's success in the SEO world. "These are the perfect long-tail, local-focused sets of URLs. We're combining the high value, ‘used cars' keyword with the instant ability to search by a consumer's location. Really, it's a perfect franchise model and the most powerful used car selling system today."

For more information on this one-of-a-kind online offering, contact Ben Gibbs at [email protected], 800-803-1556, or visit

About MyCityUsedCars, LLC
MyCityUsedCars is headquartered in Nisswa, MN. MyCityUsedCars offers its customers unique, geo-specific, high-rank keyword URLs in an increasingly crowded automotive industry. From to and, we own and operate the largest network of used car websites that represents over 80 percent of US cities with a population of 25,000 or more. MyCityUsedCars is now making available the largest citynameusedcars-based domain name collection on the Internet. For more information, visit

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