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ITOCO INC Smart Contract for Immutable Virus Test Result Verification System Now Available As Open Source

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 7:55 AM

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2020 / ITOCO INC. (OTC PINK:ITMC) is pleased to announce that its recently completed and deployed blockchain Smart Contract for the patent-pending Immutable Virus Test Result Verification System is now available as an open source repository on GITHUB (, written in the Solidity smart contract programming language for Ethereum.

With this release:

  1. Anyone can view the code and verify the exact functionality
  2. Prospective partners and customers can be assured of exactly how their 'data' is being used (what type of data is being written to, and retrieved from, the blockchain)
  3. Users of the mobile application can verify that the only data used is a hashed public key combination of the blockchain wallet and it's biometric, but not the patients' biometric itself and nothing that can identify them personally

The key functions that comprise this Smart Contract include, among others:

  1. Adding Users to the blockchain as a combination of their hashed biometric public key and blockchain wallet address so that they can have immutable test results associated with them. A user must first be added before they can have immutable test results recorded for them. This combination hash is first submitted by the user using the mobile application and then processed by the administrative application.
  2. Adding Verified Test Machines to the blockchain using their blockchain wallet address. A test machine must first be added by the administrative to the blockchain before it can write test results to blockchain.
  3. Adding Immutable Test Results to the blockchain. An immutable test result consists of ...
  4. Updating User details with testing status and latest test result
  5. Getting Immutable Test Results and associated details

Other components of the Immutable Virus Test Result Verification System, such as the Administrative Application and the integrated Virus Test Machines leverage and communicate with this Smart Contract.

"Making this Smart Contract available for public viewing is an exciting development that allows our partners and customers to verify exactly how the blockchain is being leveraged as part of the overall system.", said Michael Paul, CEO of ITOCO INC.


ITOCO's mission is to be a global leader in developing, distributing, and producing Bio Tech related technologies and methodologies in a compliant environmentally friendly manner. ITOCO trades on the OTC Markets, symbol: ITMC. ITOCO is a 13-year-old publicly quoted specialty Bio Tech development, production and distribution company based in Toronto Canada and Nevada USA. ITOCO seeks to partner with outstanding individuals and companies within this field to joint venture, research, and co-develop Bio Tech related products and technologies to the market.

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