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The Elite Invite-Only Gym Responsible for the Most Successful Body Transformations

Monday, December 14, 2020 6:35 PM
Dendy Media

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2020 / Armed with knowledge, perseverance, and The Basement Gym; J. Lopez is transforming lives and decimating stereotypes in the fitness industry. Real results and proper technique are the foundations of his thriving 6-figure business.

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In 2017, when thinking about his role within the fitness industry, J. Lopez was faced with limited funds and limited access to major gyms; instead of feeling defeated - he saw an opportunity. Starting with $168, a results-driven mindset and a garage-based gym; J. Lopez accomplished his goal of gaining clientele and transforming lives. Due to his exponential success - within a year's time - he made a pivotal decision to move his gym into a basement thus opening The Basement Gym.

When asked about his biggest motivator to create The Basement Gym, J. Lopez stated, "Failure, not success has brought me to this point. I'm grateful for failure, it's my biggest motivator." While working for popular billion-dollar gyms, J. Lopez noticed an opportunity to provide individualized, results-driven coaching in a private setting. This opportunity was accelerated by the pandemic.

The current pandemic has changed how people view their health, wellness, and their expectations of the fitness community. Today's "new normal" has caused many billion-dollar gyms to pivot their business model in an effort to stay afloat. Unfortunately, for some, it's too little too late. Unlike many other gyms, The Basement Gym's business model was developed with the sustainability and the flexibility of a home gym in mind. Since its inception, health, safety and privacy of clients‘ weight loss journey are top priorities. These attributes have contributed to its success even in the middle of a pandemic.

In addition to a sustainable and results-driven business model, The Basement Gym is built on three major principles. Simplicity, Technique, and Process. A Simple fitness environment will transform the mind AND body, Proper form and technique are essential to see consistent results, lastly trusting the Process is key. The journey to weight loss is just as important as the destination.

When entering The Basement Gym, one will notice the cleanliness, spaciousness and the type of equipment J. Lopez has chosen to use. "Nothing fancy. A lot of coaches in the fitness industry lead with fancy equipment, fad diets or flashy ads, I don't focus on that," he states. The Basement Gym is a prime example to the fitness industry that the location of the workout isn't as important as the results of the workout.

Dendy Media, Monday, December 14, 2020, Press release picture

There is also a difference in the clientele of The Basement Gym. J. Lopez's clients are ready to transform their lives, not just their physical appearance. Keeping this in mind, J. Lopez has created a business strategy that develops distraction-free, exclusive programs geared towards entrepreneurs who thrive in an environment with less socializing. This has led him to develop simple, yet effective, techniques that yield amazing results. Unlike most popularized gyms, The Basement Gym is built to sustain longevity and lasting transformations in the lives of every individual who enters.

So, what's next for J. Lopez and The Basement Gym? Well, In addition to opening The Basement Gym's second location this month, Lopez is looking to start a school! The 6-figure success of The Basement Gym and J. Lopez's coaching business has led to several inquiries from other fitness coaches, trainers. health and wellness entrepreneurs about how to start their own successful home gym. After much thought, planning and strategy; J. Lopez is proud to announce the start of his School of Trainer God! This school will revolutionize the fitness industry by teaching aspiring fitness coaches how to thrive in a non-stereotypical gym environment and create their own 6-figure gym. J. Lopez and The Basement Gym brand is committed to continuing successful mind and body transformations of its clientele.

For more information on J. Lopez and his programs please visit and follow him on Instagram @trainwithjlopez.

For more information on the School of Trainer God please visit

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SOURCE: Dendy Media

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