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Douglas Greenberg discusses 4 Tips for Effective Retirement Planning

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 01:45 PM

PORTLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2020 / Douglas Greenberg is a seasoned professional who serves as a fiduciary for a wide variety of companies and professionals. Douglas Greenberg has an established track record of providing entrepreneurs and business owners with high-quality unbiased advice. One area in which Douglas Greenberg is known for providing sound advice is that of retirement planning. With that in mind, here is a list of 4 tips for effective retirement planning Douglas Greenberg wants everyone to know.

Douglas Greenberg, Tuesday, December 8, 2020, Press release picture

Get Healthy

According to Douglas Greenberg, one of the best things anyone can do to prepare for retirement is to get healthy. As we age, we are at an increased risk for developing diseases and ailments of all kinds. Therefore, just as many people are finally getting the time to do virtually whatever they want, unfortunately, this is also the time in which many people start to deal with major health issues. However, by doing the best to become and maintain one's health in the present, they will avoid preventable illnesses and the costs associated with those illnesses.

Be Prepared for Inflation

Another thing that Douglas Greenberg wants people to do to prepare for retirement is to consider inflation. No matter how much we may hate it, it's a fact of life. A million dollars today will not have the same value as a million dollars in a decade. Be mindful.

Create a Budget

Although some think of it as a dirty word, creating a budget is one of the best things one can do to prepare for retirement. Take the time to calculate how much needs to be saved, how much can be spent on entertainment, how much can be spent on rent/mortgage, etc. Those who take the time to learn how to better manage one's finances now will be much better off in the future.

Pay off Mortgage

Lastly, Douglas Greenberg wants those who are homeowners to know it is far better to pay off the mortgage now than to still be paying on it in retirement. If possible, pay off that mortgage while still employed to eliminate this bill later in life.

About Douglas Greenberg

Douglas Greenberg is a seasoned professional who provides businesses with advice that helps them get ahead. Douglas Greenberg enjoys helping companies on all levels to develop, boost their profits, and achieve longevity. Business owners who are seeking actionable advice should contact him today.


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