Lootie Became Known as the Leading Marketplace of Sneakers and Streetwear
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Lootie Became Known as the Leading Marketplace of Sneakers and Streetwear

Sunday, December 6, 2020 11:55 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2020 / The fashion market is changing at an alarming rate. With the advent of COVID-19, people aren't able to simply step into a fashion store and try on new clothes like they used to be able to-everything now has to be done from a computer. This includes not only looking at different sizes/variants, but also the entire searching process, which can be cumbersome and tedious.

The fashion marketplace is scattered across multiple sites. Each brand has its own website, which requires a new sign up and requires you to fork over your card details. If you try a third-party site (where you can purchase all the products you want at one place), you are met with another key problem: trust. It's not easy to trust random people on eBay when they say they are delivering an authentic good. The entire traditional online shopping experience often brings a sour taste to people's mouths, and in today's environment of prolonged lockdowns, people are searching for a brand new way to experience eCommerce.

There's a new model of online shopping that is becoming more popular: the mystery box. The mystery box model packs the excitement back into the shopping experience. It allows customers to purchase a box, and they never know exactly what they're going to get! You could buy a mystery box online-perhaps an Apple mystery box or a gaming mystery box-and you may end up with AirPods, an Apple Watch, an iPhone, or even a MacBook! Lootie is one of the best mystery box sites that is revolutionizing the way people shop. Sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly what you want. That's why with Lootie's mystery boxes, you pick your favorite brand and an item from that brand is given to you. This way, the hard decision is taken out of your hands, and it puts the thrill of shopping back into the equation.

Lootie is posing itself to become the king of the streetwear and fashion community. It's already loved by sneaker collectors, and people who are interested in Hype shoes, Hypebeast shoes, or Supreme box logo. Lootie solves the classic problem mentioned earlier-the fact that consumers currently have to choose between either a sketchy third-party provider, or they need to hop between multiple official sites. Now, with Lootie's official mystery box offerings, customers can purchase a wide range of products (Off White Box, Yeezy box, PC Box, and more) all on one single site. Yes, Lootie offers streetwear and fashion, along with tech goodies, all in one place! The trust issue also gets solved since Lootie receives all of their products from official sources. When it comes to tech, all of the products are bought directly from the manufacturers before they are shipped out to customers. For streetwear, much of it is verified by StockX using their state of the art verification facilities.

Lootie is growing extremely fast, with over 1 million customers, and is quickly becoming the leading platform in the sneaker and streetwear industry. It seems that one of Lootie's major benefits is the fact that it makes Hypebeast clothing finally affordable for everyone. Gone are the days where people were forced to pay thousands upon thousands for Supreme logo clothes or for Off White / Gucci merch. Gone are the days where young adults were unable to afford the clothes they wanted or couldn't emulate their favourite artists because their budget wasn't compliant. Lootie allows everyone to have an opportunity to purchase Hybebeast mystery boxes at a much more reasonable price point. Thanks to the mystery aspect of the boxes, the fact that you never know what you're going to get also means you could get something insanely expensive or of high prestige! As shown in Lootie's unboxing hall of fame, people have received Rolexes, MacBooks, gaming laptops, high-value streetwear, and a lot more-all from an affordable box cost. Lootie is finally putting the power back in the hands of the people instead of corporations.

All of these reasons, and more, are why Lootie is about to take over the fashion e-commerce platform. Lootie is one of the only platforms that provides not only authentic merch from various different brands in one place but also provides these things at a much more affordable price point for the average customer. The next time anyone thinks about Hypebeast, the fashion clothing industry, or the sneaker and streetwear industry, they will think Lootie.

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