Why Daniel “A1” Hayes’ Is One of the Most Powerful Record Executives You Should Know
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Why Daniel “A1” Hayes’ Is One of the Most Powerful Record Executives You Should Know

Friday, December 4, 2020 7:00 PM
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DULUTH, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2020 / Behind every rising hip-hop star, there is a powerful industry executive making plays to turn a talented unknown artist into a global sensation. Over the past decade, Daniel "A1" Hayes and his radio promotions company, A1 Promotions, have done that. The industry hitmaker and his team have been the driving force behind some of hip-hop's most influential figures. As a result, his name has become synonymous with winning. Hayes is known as the man with the new era Midas touch, being that every act he works with surpasses gold status and reaches the multi-platinum or platinum level of success. And he's got 86 plaques decorating the walls of his Atlanta-based office to prove it.

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Hayes was born and bred in Detroit with an ironclad resolve to get ahead. After serving in the United States Air Force, the young visionary enrolled into Full Sail University, where he obtained a music business degree. Before making history as the youngest promotions executive in the industry, Hayes would take the records of unknown artists in his city and generate a buzz in the streets and clubs followed by getting them radio airplay. By utilizing a combination of grassroots marketing, gut instincts and data, the savvy businessman became an invaluable resource to a powerhouse of label executives. Hayes entrepreneurial spirit led him to secure positions at several major labels such as Warner Bros. and Atlantic Records. He scaled the corporate ladder quickly, which gave him the knowledge, credibility and skills to launch A1 Promotions.

Gifted with the ability to forecast trends and predict a hit song, hence the moniker "The Hitman," the talent purveyor has also helped to shape the public's perception of an artist. "There is a difference between breaking a record and breaking an artist," states Hayes. "I don't break records, I break and mold artists." He also likes to make the distinction between a rapper and an artist citing anyone who can rhyme words on beat can be a rapper but not every rapper can be an artist. "A true artists' presence is felt when they walk in the room; when they talk they draw you in more. It's not just about the music, that's only 5% of it, it's about personality, being likable, being personable and being relatable to the masses."

One could also add the title of "coach" to Hayes' already extensive resume. He consistently educates his clients on the importance of establishing their brand presence outside of just music to solidify a fan-base. He suggests artists employ a strategic mix of social media postings using creative content as well as selling merch through their own website. Hayes insists that today's creative should think of themselves as more of a lifestyle specialist than anything else. In other words, the name of the game is vertical integration. "I tell my clients to think beyond just making songs. You want to have several pots cooking on the stove so you'll always have something to eat."

Hayes' slow and steady approach to navigating the careers of superstars mirrors the unwavering pursuit of his ambitions to dominate the world of entertainment. "I wake up every morning as if I've never had a single accomplishment. Everyday is like my first day on the job because I know in order to be the best, I can never get complacent with where I am or who I am." Growing up in the heart of Motown, Hayes' creative identity is linked to building a brand that will have an impactful legacy for years to come. A1 Promotions is a true testament to Hayes' ability to do work he loves and that he also believes in. "A dream does not become a reality simply by means of luck or birthright. It requires sweat, devotion and a persevering spirit. I've given so much of my life to this and to see the global response to something that I've been a part of is beyond words."

Staying true to the mission of building an entertainment empire that effectively promotes artists and pushes their careers to new heights, Hayes and A1 Promotions have undoubtedly contributed to the expansion of hip-hop as well as pop culture.

To know more about Daniel "A1" Hayes and A1 Promotions, you may visit their website.

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