The $68 Trillion Wealth Transfer No One's Really Talking About and What You Can Do Next
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The $68 Trillion Wealth Transfer No One's Really Talking About and What You Can Do Next

Friday, December 4, 2020 7:00 PM
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JERSEY CITY, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2020 / In the next two decades, Baby Boomers are predicted to transfer a wealth pot to the tune of $68 Trillion over to their Millennial successors. Financial experts have stated that the next few years will be most crucial as wealth moves from one generation to another. The problem is that the majority of millennials are still financially illiterate.

As the wealth transfer comes into play, one thing that millennials should prioritize is financial education. However, most people today struggle to find the right resources and educators that will properly guide them. One company, the Legacy Wealth Group, and its owner and founder, Yahya Bakkar, look to intervene by providing aspiring wealth builders the right systems and teaching them principles that will help them maximize their wealth for the many years to come.

The Legacy Wealth Group is a company that aims to bring financial education to the far majority of Gen Y members. The company hopes to prepare them for greater opportunity and a better quality of life. The company's founder, Yahya, is a leading TED speaker, entrepreneur, business mentor, legacy builder, and family man who has spoken in over five hundred stages and has appeared on Influencive, Entrepreneur, Thrive, Yale, Huffington Post, and Harvard University.

Yahya has found his calling in preparing financially challenged people for our lives' biggest wealth transfer. He started the Legacy Wealth Group, to help him forward his mission of building an army that would train people to utilize, build, and protect their money the right way. The financial education company is the force behind Wealth Wave, a movement that seeks to raise an army of financial educators that will guide millennials worldwide.

The company has currently trained and equipped over ten thousand licensed agents from all over the country and other nations like Puerto Rico and Canada. They have reached approximately 250,000 individuals through financial literacy training. As impressive as the company's reach is, its mission is far from over. Over 5 billion people lack financial education today and are experiencing the negative effects of what is the root of today's biggest financial crisis. In response to this pressing need, Wealth Wave hopes to scale up their efforts and equip over 100,000 licensed agents who will run financial literacy classes in all major cities, hitting critical mass and snowballing into a surge of education.

In June 2020, the United States had over 40 million jobless claims. The lockdown and pandemic hit the economy hard. People need jobs, and they need to figure out ways to reduce their taxes and invest in assets that can protect their wealth. Insurance is a vehicle and renewable energy is another.

Studies show that Americans mismanaged over 307 Billion dollars in 2019 alone. Driven to shift the narrative and help more people build better futures for themselves and the succeeding generations, Wealth Wave has created an education framework called "How Money Works." The financial literacy boosting program helps financial advisors better equip their incoming and existing clients in investment, wealth building, and estate planning. How Money Works is interactive, clear, simple, and up-to-date, making it 100% effective in financially empowering people for the foreseeable future.

As the head of his household, Yahya Bakkar understands the importance of creating a better life for his family. He hopes that he can replicate the level of security and success his family enjoys for millions of other families and the many generations that will follow them.

Legacy Wealth Group looks to become the most trusted asset management company for leaders, entrepreneurs, and communities who want to maximize the next two decades' wealth transfer in the next five years. Using the power of financial education, Legacy Wealth hopes to enrich people's lives and fights relentlessly to advance its cause.

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