HotelBots Introduces Radical AI and Machine Learning Innovations to Hotel Industry
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HotelBots Introduces Radical AI and Machine Learning Innovations to Hotel Industry

Friday, December 4, 2020 5:00 PM
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KANSAS CITY, MS / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2020 / Machine learning and artificial intelligence have drastically changed the way industries operate. From virtual assistants to marketing tools, the applications have expanded in a short amount of time. One new project called HotelBots applies the same advanced modern-day applications of artificial learning to the hotel and tourism industry in the most human way possible.

HotelBots is a technology that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to hotel operations by introducing a smart digital concierge tool. The tech start-up also injects a deep understanding of human psycho-emotional behavior to create experiences that match travelers' common queries and decisions to elevate and enhance their destination experience.

In recent times, artificial intelligence has taken leaps and bounds into the future. Through advanced programming of algorithms, digital services and software now help automate essential functions, allowing companies and businesses to save significant amounts of time, energy, and resources from churning out specific processes. With HotelBots, the team behind the innovative approach to concierge services creates a smart system that helps communicate with staff and guests through a humanized AI.

The innovation comes through the ingenuity and efforts of business and tech mogul Ricardo Dimarco Barea. The Miami, Florida-based technopreneur is best known for elevating the business landscape through community-building, travel, technology, and innovation. Richard holds a Bachelors' Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operations from Florida International University. He also earned a master's degree in marketing and digital strategy from Full Sail University in 2010.

Dimarco Barea is also the founder of The Greenside Agency, a marketing firm that helps brands create experiential campaigns. The agency has worked with various brands and companies. Richard was also one of the founders of AskBuddy, an online platform that seeks to build a community of culture seekers by providing a directory of safe and authentic travel experiences in Kansas City and Miami.

As an advocate of technology to elevate human experiences, "Dimarco" aims to bring a digital revolution to the travel industry. Even as the COVID-19 crisis has put most of the tourism world on hold across the globe, the innovator looks to become one of the thought leaders who will usher travel companies into a better normal. One of his latest efforts that lines up with this goal is the launch of HotelBots.

The team at HotelBots applies over fifteen years of industry-specific experience to the plate. The start-up's dedicated team, including Seth Kitchen and Jace Thomas, have developed the necessary AI to integrate an automated system into front desk operations. The service helps with tasks like receiving reservations, answering frequently asked questions, processing guest requests, upgrading rooms, suggesting local experiences, collecting reviews, and a slate of other high-value tasks.

HotelBots operates via SMS services, which remains one of the main ways that travelers prefer to communicate with their travel suppliers. With HotelBots, small to large accommodations companies like hotels, inns, resorts, hostels, and guest houses can streamline their workforce and operations. By doing so, they help lessen the burden of overworked hotel staff and boost customer experience.

With HotelBots, Dimarco and his team hope to bring travel into the future and give the tourism industry the boost it desperately needs as it recovers from lockdowns and the global pandemic.

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