2020: G Butter Shifts the Health Industry
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2020: G Butter Shifts the Health Industry

Friday, December 4, 2020 4:50 PM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2020 / G Butter is the ONLY nut butter in the world that transforms into a brownie in just thirty seconds in the microwave. G Butter has changed the nut butter industry. This product is the first of its kind and has received much praise.

Over the past decade, the craze and demand for healthier food options have increased remarkably. As obesity becomes a crisis and leading cause of death worldwide. G Butter aims to be the remedy toward making being healthy a lifestyle, not a prison sentence. The masses are gravitating toward becoming more conscious of what they are putting inside their body as fuel. Presently, food is not just a quick fix for individuals. People now have standards and are committed to something delicious and nutritious. For this reason, G Butter has become a global sensation worldwide; the paradigm of healthy snacks has shifted entirely as demands for such products have tripled! G Butter is riding that upward curve and implementing the importance of feeling inward-outward.

Founded in a humble rural household in Florida back in 2010, G Butter came to life in some of the most stormy times. "Our company started during a recession, a global economic downturn that devastated world financial markets and real estate industries," shares Nestor Diaz. The company founder is a virtual effects artist, American chocolatier, and businessman. Moreover, Nestor is a strong believer in health's power to change someone's life for the better. "There is no ‘I' in ‘team,'" shares Nestor. For this reason, he owes much gratitude to the people who have helped him along the way. It takes a village to lead a team with purpose. In 2015, Gianina Acevedo became G Butter's Chief Marketing Officer to rewire and reshift the mission and bring life to G Butter. Gia has marketing skills and the ability to understand what consumers want while understanding what it takes to deliver it. Gianina Acevedo commits to creating a community of like-minded individuals who have a desire to live healthy: mentally and physically.

At 16, Nestor was obese and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His weight and appearance led to major depression. Luckily, Nestor eventually found the strength to change his life for the better. Nestor discovered his greatest mission in life: to transform people's way of living by giving people a roadmap toward healthy living. Nestor shares that he invented the nut butter to satisfy people's sweet cravings without sacrificing healthy living.

G Butter is a high-protein, and low-calorie spread created out of cashews. G Butter has grown a considerably large following among fitness circles since its release. Back in 2018, the brand exploded among Crossfit communities after the company sponsored Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Fitness Expos. Today, the brand continues to spread like wildfire in health and fitness circles all across the nation.

G Butter comes in over 12 distinct flavors, the perfect fit for any individual. Brownie Batter, Birthday Cake, Sugar Cookie, Vegan Cookie Dough, Pumpkin Spice, Cookies in Cream, Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter Cup, among others.

G Butter uses the best quality nuts available and maintains a handmade production line to give each jar that signature touch that makes G Butter extremely special. G Butter is now available in various stores all over the United States and virtually through their online shop.

"I am so thankful for the people that support small businesses like G Butter; this is just the beginning for us," shares Nestor. Soon, G Butter hopes to launch more programs that will invest in spreading the importance of mental and physical health. G Butter looks to start a revolution in the food industry and hopefully encourage more and more people to look for options that will balance both taste and health at once.

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