DeFi Platform DEFHOLD to Introduce 2 Major Products in December
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DeFi Platform DEFHOLD to Introduce 2 Major Products in December

Friday, December 4, 2020 1:40 PM
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BARCELONA, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2020 / It's evident from a glance that the developers behind DEFHOLD want to shake things up in the market. The platform announced plans to introduce two revolutionary products over the coming weeks. The new features include the launch of EWF (early withdrawal fee) pools and a Whale club for investors willing to get massive buying power. Together, these new products give DEFHOLD users access to higher ROIs.

DEFHOLD entered the market intending to curb the risk of runaway inflation caused by infinite mining of new tokens to meet the promised APYs. To that extent, the platform has been a pioneer in the industry. DEFHOLD introduces various deflationary protocols to ensure that their investors' holdings retain value. Combined with an aggressive promotional campaign, these protocols give DEFHOLD users even more reasons to participate in the DeFi revolution.

EWF Pools

The latest addition to the DEFHOLD family is sure to draw more users. EWF pools take the concept of liquidity staking and add a twist. In an EWF pool, users who need to access their crypto before the lockup period ends can do so. However, they must pay a fee for this option. This fee then feeds back into the liquidity pool. Amazingly, both the fee and the interest earned from the pool gets split amongst the remaining investors.

EWF pools remove inflation from the DeFi sector. They also incentivize investors to uphold their commitments. In turn, EWF pool projects enjoy more stability and less volatility when compared to their non-incentivized counterparts. Best of all, regular users earn extra profits for fulfilling their obligations.

Whale Club

Another exciting product DEFHOLD plans to release on December 24th is its Whale Club. The Whale Club is a set of specially picked vaults that provide higher returns. The goal of the Whale Club is to provide exemplary service and ROI opportunities to investors who want to leverage their investments through a higher buying power. This approach allows DEFHOLD to service both new users and the emerging field of DeFi professionals simultaneously.

Centralized Exchange Listings

Along with the launch of these 2 products by December 24th, DefHold is set to see listing on multiple centralized exchanges in early December. Developers have not revealed which exchanges are going to list DEFO exactly, but they have hinted that they have two recognized platforms scheduled for that period.

DEFHOLD Community Support

DEFHOLD's commitment to its users continues throughout the entire platform. Users will be allowed to vote on all significant protocol changes. Voting also decides what new pools make the cut and get added to the DEFHOLD ecosystem. Impressively, any user will be able to submit a proposal in the DEFHOLD community.

DEFHOLD December - It is Cold Outside, but DeFi is Heating Up

As the year winds down, firms such as DEFHOLD give you more opportunity to wrap up your investments with some extra profits. The DeFi boom is just starting, and investors who stay up to date on the latest trends are sure to see the best results. The market moves quickly, and opportunity comes to those who are prepared. In this way, DEFHOLD is a perfect example of why it pays to DYOR.

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