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Daniel Klibanoff Featured in Exclusive Interview

Thursday, 03 December 2020 10:30 AM

ASHEVILLE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2020 / Recently, Daniel Klibanoff was featured in an interview on Ideamensch, a website that often features inspiring entrepreneurs and those at the top of their field.

President and CEO of Multimedia Lists, Daniel Klibanoff is a successful entrepreneur responsible for founding one of the biggest global networks for marketing and applied data intelligence in the world.

When asked how he brings ideas to life, Klibanoff said that while he tends to take charge in this department, it really is a staff-collaborative effort. Their process involves generating ideas based on concepts and testing them out via the marketing and sales departments.

Further, he shared that he is a big believer in karma. He wholeheartedly believes that the universe is benevolent and "if you practice goodwill in your life and practice the golden rule, that you will receive a bountiful return of the same treatment." Alternatively, if you're going around spreading negativity everywhere you go, the universe will give it right back to you, a phenomenon he claims to have experienced himself.

Later on in the interview, Daniel Klibanoff was asked about a key business strategy that helped him achieve growth. He responded that his number one strategy in 40 years as an entrepreneur and businessperson is to treat people right. He believes that treating customers with respect and integrity, and providing exemplary customer service, is always going to help your business.

As for a business idea Klibanoff was willing to give away to his readers, he talked about DataWhizz, a platform launched by his company, Multimedia Lists, that allows people to run their own counts and data appends using their large consumer and business databases. The databases are available via DataWhizz to any consumer who wants to use them and it's a fraction of the cost compared to any of its competitors. Klibanoff touts it as the perfect solution for businesses who are in lockdown or have been forced to temporarily close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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About Daniel Klibanoff

Daniel Klibanoff was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. He is a successful entrepreneur with nearly 40 years of experience under his belt. Currently, he serves as the president and CEO of Multimedia Lists, formerly known as ListWorld. He began his career as an entrepreneur in 1982, when he launched a data business and eventually grew it into one of the direct marketing industry's leading data and marketing solutions provider. Mr. Klibanoff is also a philanthropist and has won outstanding achievement awards from the American Heart Association and Muscular Dystrophy Association for his leadership, and surpassing fundraising goals. He has served on numerous boards for non-profit organizations. He and his wife Cathleen founded Angels Among Us, a non-profit organization that provides financial help to children who were in need of assistance for college and have shown a real commitment to civic duty by doing consistent volunteer work in their communities.


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