DX Medical Solutions to Launch "COV-iD" in Europe's Biggest Airports to Provide Tested Travel
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DX Medical Solutions to Launch "COV-iD" in Europe's Biggest Airports to Provide Tested Travel

Thursday, December 3, 2020 7:30 AM
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DX Medical Solutions B.V.

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2020 / With the pandemic going on an almost one year stretch of turmoil, light can finally be seen at the end of the tunnel. It was recently announced that a vaccine has entered its final stages of clinical trials, with public utility being available as soon as March 2021. Until then, there is still an increasing demand for testing and infrastructure. DX Medical Solutions launched COV-iD in October in order to assist with the lack of contact-tracing and testing organization. By using A.I. they are able to track users in a new and innovative way without invading on the privacy of the user. One of the ways COV-iD does this is by removing any patient data to their geomapping and instead using only numerical values to indicate positions of positive subjects. Due to overwhelming concerns relating to privacy related matters, most of the governmental issued apps have failed. Furthermore, COV-iD will also provide testing reservations with results being displayed automatically for the user. This info can then be used to take flights which are "Tested". DX Medical Solutions has made arrangements with major airline alliances such as Skyteam in order to provide tested flights for passengers. They are also entering the market for other transportation methods such as long-haul busses and trains. The company is currently in talks with the likes of Amtrak to create tested trains for the east coast block of the United States.

COV-iD is one of the many supplemental products that DX Medical Solutions has published in the last months, one of the main being their new "X-Ray A.I". Which focuses on automatic fracture analysis. When asking the Founder, Giuliano Senese, on why they were putting their focus towards finding solutions for Covid-19 infrastructure, he had this to say "...Governments are inherently inefficient at creating solutions, the reason for that is simple: There is no direct incentive (profit) in it for them, they give their developmental contracts to companies who really are not qualified to fulfill them and massively overcharge the taxpayer. Instead, we are coming into this space not only to help people, but most of all, due to a clear vacuum in the market that is just waiting to be filled by someone… Everyone is focusing on the vaccine when instead they should be focusing on creating rapid short-term infrastructure that can provide some sort of normality for continuity of life...".

The company makes clear that COV-iD conforms to all GDPR regulations and allows any user at all time to delete all of the info from their back-end. The app will be available to full consumer use by December 10.

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SOURCE: DX Medical Solutions B.V.

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