The Barrett Group Reviews: TBG Has Helped Over 100 Executives Land Jobs During the Pandemic
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The Barrett Group Reviews: TBG Has Helped Over 100 Executives Land Jobs During the Pandemic

Friday, December 4, 2020 11:35 PM
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CRANSTON, RI / ACCESSWIRE / December 4, 2020 / The entire world has changed the way we live our lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the largest impacts has been the staggering rates of unemployment. In the United States alone, over 40 million have lost their jobs with unemployment rates at their highest levels since the Great Depression. Many businesses are facing difficult decisions about how to limit operations in order to prioritize safety while also maintaining profitability. When jobs do become available, they are incredibly competitive. In such a high-demand market, many are seeking the assistance of companies that can help them have a fighting chance.

The Barrett Group (TBG) has proven to be one of the best companies to turn to during this time. Not only have they helped more than 120 executive clients land jobs during this pandemic, but many of those clients saw significant increases to their offers. This is the result of TBG's expert negotiators who are putting their skills to work under even more pressure than normal, during a time when businesses are scrutinizing every dollar spent and individuals are valuing every dollar earned all the more due to the pandemic.

The Barrett Group reviews each client individually to give them a customized action plan. They begin by understanding the objective of the client and what kind of change the client wants to make in his/her career, then the Barrett Group can offer help in numerous ways from their hands-on strategies. They can help clients with such important areas like identifying their market value, knowing their potential, having a clear compensation goal, and helping them prepare for interviews. The Barrett Group also offers career coaching to help executives that are driven to perform at a higher level. This is achieved through goal setting and an ongoing partnership with the executive career coach. The results are highly satisfied and happy customers who can be seen in the Barrett Group reviews on the TBG website. The Barrett Group has a 90% success rate with clients that follow their process. All of that is even more remarkable in the current setting, taking the pandemic into consideration.

The Barrett Group has been recognized for their hard work and dedication by Forbes Media and Statista who recognized them as one of "America's Best Recruiting Firms 2020 in the Executive Search category". This was an incredible accomplishment because out of thousands of firms, only the top 200 executive search firms that specialize in placements with minimum salaries of one hundred thousand dollars, received this ranking. Forbes Media and Statista base their decision on data gathered through surveys. The surveys asked participants to recommend recruiting firms that they have either worked with or would recommend based on their expert opinion of industry standards. The Barrett Group is both proud and humbled by the honor, but at the same time, the honor itself sheds light on a widely held misconception about the Barrett Group.

The Barrett Group is not a recruiting firm, but rather an executive career management firm. Yes, recruiting firms assist those looking for a job as well, but there are many differences between what a recruitment firm does and what the Barrett Group does. Recruiters are sometimes known as headhunters and their job is to find qualified candidates for a job opening. They typically have a list of potential candidates that they have compiled including those that have contacted them and those their team has reached out to as well. Recruiters are working for the employers that are looking to do the hiring. When they have found the ideal candidate, they will assist that candidate with preparing for their interview and with some salary negotiation.

The Barrett Group on the other hand, works for the candidate, not the employer. It can be especially beneficial for a client to work with a firm that is working for them and not an employer in instances such as salary negotiation which the Barrett Group's team excels at. In addition, the Barrett Group takes a unique, holistic approach to assisting a client with finding a new career or making a change. They have a program called the Clarity Program© which helps clients clarify the impacts of their personality on career success, evaluate their current life circumstances to identify desirable changes, and then develop a strategic plan to affect those changes. The process helps the team at the Barrett Group get to know their clients so that they can help them find a job position that will suit not only their professional skillset but also the work-life balance they are looking for-something that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. This could be a big reason why the Barrett Group enjoys that 90% success rate.

For over 30 years, the Barrett Group has been helping their clients understand who they are and what they want out of their lives and their careers. With that information, the Barrett Group then helps their clients discover what path will lead them to the career that will provide them the fulfillment they seek. Within that career, the Barrett Group then assists the client with finding a job to suit their requirements. After TBG helps the client find the perfect job, they help them prepare for the interview through their tried and true methodology. Clients have reported that they feel more than prepared going into their interviews thanks to the excellent and thorough preparation from the Barrett Group. Another aspect that the Barrett helps their client/the job candidate to prepare for is with negotiating the best offer possible. This is another area that clients report back that they are indeed receiving much higher compensation due to the excellent negotiation coaching. Again, this has still held true through tough times like the current coronavirus pandemic, reassuring clients that the Barrett Group is highly skilled and represents an effective support in helping clients to get the best possible position with the highest offer no matter what the current market conditions are. The Barrett Group's career management does not stop after the job is landed either. The career advisors assist clients with job reviews and evaluations to ensure that they are maximizing any possible raises and promotions available to them.

Clients often testify that the Barrett Group has helped them better their whole lives as a result of working with them. The compensation that clients are able to achieve in the jobs they land through working with the Barrett Group is commonly reported to be higher than what clients would have achieved if they had tried to "go it alone."

In a time when the job market is more competitive than ever, it is prudent for a potential job seeker to seek every advantage possible. Looking at the impeccable record set by the Barrett Group as well as the highly satisfied customers and the exceptional success rate of 90%, it is more than wise to consider the Barrett Group the best executive career management firm.

The Barrett Group, founded in 1990, is a consulting company focused on providing services to clients through experienced career consultants, providing tailored, personal, and individual executive career coaching services for clients seeking new jobs, improving positions, renegotiating current conditions or changing careers. For more information visit


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