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Pascal Bachmann, The Business Strategist And Coach, Shares Six Key Factors Needed To Run A Successful Business

Wednesday, 02 December 2020 12:44


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / The world is in constant movement and evolving at every second. Now the COVID-19 pandemic has changed perhaps forever the way of doing many things, which at the same time has created ways of doing others.

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Today, every business must have certain qualities to succeed. But not everyone knows how to create and maintain a properly functioning business, and for that they need a guide, a mentor, someone who ideally has passed through the path they decide to walk.

Pascal Bachmann is that someone. He is a businessman that has gone through many experiences where he has tasted victory but also failure (including a bankruptcy). But he managed to get up, start from scratch and be one of the best life and business strategists and coaches. He shares the six factors to run a successful business:

First, love what you do.

"What you do should be a combination of your passion, your talents and what the Market wants. It can be a product and/or a service that solves a problem for individuals and/or an institution. Only if you love what you do you will make the kind of progress that satisfies you long-term. This is the real success we all want, it's called happiness." Mr. Bachmann says.

Second, have the right mindset.

"You have to believe in yourself and in your ability to change your story, and to make your vision become your reality. You are the author of your business, just as you are the author of your life. Therefore, a clear business map is crucial. Know where you are and be clear where you want to go!" Mr. Bachmann explains.

Third, be an example and a leader. A leader is not only one who leads the way, but also one who inspires and helps others to be better in their different fields of work.

"One of the best ways to do this is to live by example. It is your job to LEAD the company. Be sure to communicate your vision, purpose and passion. It is your identity, your signature, the reason you started the company and therefore it is crucial that everyone and everything you and/or your team do carries this frequency and clarity." Mr. Bachmann states.

Fourth, have an effective strategy.

"It doesn't matter what strategy you choose, always start with your goal in mind. If you know where you want to go and where you are now, you can create a strategy that lines with your identity, your values and with the reason you decided to start your business. Constantly move towards the next level and develop the mindset that will bring you to your next steps, and finally to your Vision. Strategic focus is important. Make a plan, but stay flexible if needed!" Mr. Bachmann stresses.

Fifth, create a positive environment and build a team. Starting a business is never easy and less so alone.

"Love your work environment and surround yourself with supportive, helpful and positive people. If you want your business to grow, you need support. Build a team with the skills you need and that fits your bigger picture. You can't be a Master in Strategy development, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Customer support and everything else that comes with a business and do it all by yourself. Even if you would have the skills, you want to have the time! Increase the hours per day by hiring employees or freelancers and expand the hours per day." Mr. Bachmann says.

Lastly, analyze and optimize.

"You can't manage what you don't measure. Learn from your experience, listen to customer feedback, study the competition, know your numbers! Never stay still and keep going! If you built the right team you have people that will put your instructions into action and improve what needs to be improved. Optimization is a very important toll to reach the next level. Sometimes small shifts can make "the" big difference." Mr. Bachmann shares.

These are six pieces of advice from Pascal Bachmann, a life and business strategist, coach and entrepreneur, born and raised in Switzerland. When he was younger, he participated in professional martial arts. He competed in Taiwan at the 1996 world championship, but later suffered an accident in Thailand that forced him to leave the world of martial arts.

In his journey to reinvent himself and improve his life, Mr. Bachmann studied oriental therapies and specialized in Chinese medicine, thus becoming a coach. Today, he helps thousands of people improve in all areas of their lives including health, business and mindset. In particular, he helps entrepreneurs become successful and wealthy by living their true passion with a clear vision and healthy mindset. Find out more about Mr. Bachmann here.

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