Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Explains Passion for Vintage Music Equipment and Antiques
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Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Explains Passion for Vintage Music Equipment and Antiques

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 10:00 AM

Entrepreneur Bob Wilkinson Ottawa Opens Up About His Love of Antiques, Vintage Music Equipment, and More

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / A successful entrepreneur, Bob Wilkinson Ottawa has cemented a name for himself within Ontario's automotive industry over the course of more than 15 years in the business. Despite his passion for modern, high-performance cars and trucks, however, Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa is also a keen collector of vintage music equipment and antiques. Taking a break from life in the fast lane, Bobby offers a closer look at his interest in collectibles and explains how to spot a diamond in the rough when browsing at local antique stores.

"Despite living life in the fast lane as an automotive industry entrepreneur, I'm also immensely passionate about vintage music equipment, antiques, and other collectibles," reveals Bob Wilkinson, speaking from his office in Ottawa, home to Canada's famous National Gallery, National Arts Centre, and numerous widely celebrated national museums.

Outside of his work in the automotive sector, among Bob Wilkinson's favorite hobbies is searching out hidden gems in local antique shops. "There's nothing quite like discovering a diamond in the rough at an antique store," says Bob Wilkinson Ottawa.

Carefully poring over items in antique shops, Bob Wilkinson Ottawa revels, he says, in wondering if he's happened upon a collectible that may be worth thousands of dollars or more. "You need to trust your gut a lot of the time," suggests the vintage music equipment aficionado. For example, while easy to see as a negative aspect for many people, signs of use are often a part of both the charm and value of items when searching specifically for vintage music finds, he points out. "It's always nice to discover pieces with a story," says the expert, "and which haven't just been locked away in storage for decades."

Ultimately, according to Bob Wilkinson Ottawa, it's often about simply searching for signs that an item has been well-loved - something which the entrepreneur says is true of both vintage music equipment and other antiques and collectibles alike. "Don't be afraid to ask questions of antique store owners, either, before potentially purchasing items," says Bob, "as they should be able to tell you much of what you wish to know."

If a shop owner is reluctant or unable to offer information, or at least provide a little background about how they came to be in possession of an item, Bob Wilkinson Ottawa recommends moving on to a different store in pursuit of whatever antiques or other collectibles an individual is searching for. "Also, don't be afraid to negotiate when it comes to price," adds the expert, further demonstrating his knack for buying and collecting vintage music equipment and antiques.

Entrepreneur Bob Wilkinson Ottawa has spoken at length recently on a range of topics tied to antiques and collectibles, including sharing a number of top tips for those looking to follow in his footsteps as a collector, as well as also providing a fascinating insight into his life as an automotive industry entrepreneur. In addition to his love of vintage music equipment, antiques, and collectibles, entrepreneur Bob Wilkinson Ottawa enjoys motorsport, owns a highly modified Nissan GT-R sports car, and revels in spending time with his wife and young son at the family's home in beautiful southern Ontario.

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