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MEDSMART Wellness Centers ANNOUNCES Bringing on Board "Advanced MD" and "Cre8 Pharmacy Solutions" to the New Center in Aventura Florida

Monday, 30 November 2020 08:30

BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2020 / (OTC PINK:KNSCD) Med Smart Group, Inc's., Subsidiary company, Med Smart Wellness Centers Inc. A Men's health, Anti-aging, and Regenerative medicine practice, will be signing on with Advanced MD and Cre8 Pharmacy solutions, for the first center in Aventura Florida.

Advanced MD is a leading ambulatory healthcare technology company that employs more than 600 people. Advanced MD serves an expansive national footprint of 33,500 practitioners across 13,000 practices and 700 medical billing companies. Nearly 6.5M insurance claims are processed monthly on the Advanced MD billing platform. With Advanced MD, medical practices can achieve a remarkable outcome: the ability to manage higher patient volumes with improved productivity and financial outcomes. Cre8 Pharmacy Solutions are compounding specialists in preparing customized medications. Cre8's compounding laboratory and clean room environments are outfitted with advanced technology, enabling them to meet the ever-increasing demand for personalized medications. Many patients today are allergic to several inactive ingredients found in medications such as preservatives and dyes; other patients may simply require a more specific dosage that is not commercially available.

CRE8 Compounding Pharmacy provides for our patients fully customized products according to any specific need - Compounding specific prescriptions could lead to more patient compliance and better therapeutic outcomes.

"Adding these two great companies to our back end for the center in Aventura, and for the next 6 or 7 centers that we will be opening over the next 18 months, will give us a head start on not only compliance, HIPPA, EMR, EHR, and completely paperless, plus our Telemedicine portal allowing our physicians to Consult, treat, diagnose and prescribe to almost any patient no matter where they are located, will allow our company rapid and tremendous growth." said Calvin Lewis President at MedSmart Group Inc.

About MedSmart Group, Inc.

MedSmart Group Inc. and MedSmart Men's Wellness Centers is a professional network of Medical Centers specializing in "Anti-Aging Treatments" that improve the overall health and quality-of-life of male patients in a comfortable, casual and discreet setting. All of our procedures are administered by licensed physicians and other medical professionals that specialize in the latest treatment options available for the unique needs of men, through our centers along with the availability of face to face visits through Telemedicine, and overnight delivery of Meds.

Safe Harbor Statement:

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