Quentin Quarantino: An Unexpected Platform
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Quentin Quarantino: An Unexpected Platform

Thursday, November 26, 2020 9:55 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2020 / Tommy Marcus, a 25-year-old content creator under the Instagram handle @quentin.quarantino, never saw any of this coming. He accidentally became a social media sensation-as his Instagram account evolved from making memes about the pandemic lockdown to creating bold content, opening societal dialogue, and fundraising for community organizations. Marcus first aimed only to create self-satirical content about staying home with a stockpile of Chef Boyardee. Yet his desire to support and respond to an engaged audience helped push him toward expressing his own distinct identity and posting the bold opinions and political stances that he once shied away from (with every follower lost to "political agendas" came three other ardent supporters). QQ's combination of humor, humility, and sheer camaraderie proved explosive and unexpectedly meaningful.

The page's initial relevance came from "funny" relatable content, yet the true strength of QQ's follower base came from its direct acknowledgment of the chaos, confusion, and darkness of COVID-19. This honesty and transparency provided comfort and community. Within a mere two months, the page had inevitably taken a political direction. Tommy adapted, adopting the QQ persona as a true reflection of his own opinions. He stopped worrying about pleasing everyone and staying "light," realizing that the "heavy" content was the only authentic way to contribute to the social media space. Of course, he still made jokes about the single pair of sweatpants that everyone was wearing at home and some self-induced haircuts, but strategically as a superficial balance to what was otherwise increasingly pressing societal concerns. The greater the QQ audience, the more appropriate it seemed to air his own personal views and opinions. And before his eyes, Marcus saw his page become not a persona, but in fact, a person-himself.

So, without quite realizing it at the time, Tommy Marcus leaped from funny, young, and light-hearted meme creator to an opinionated, undeniably politicized contributor. He began to advocate for human safety, the need for accurate and honest information to the public, and mental health awareness. His content then took a new turn by focusing on the 2020 election-capitalizing on seemingly endless gaffs, yes, but also piercingly aware of the risks and implications of voting and its outcome-and continues to remark on the development of the new U.S. political stage. This level of awareness and commentary has evolved into a few distinct lines of merchandise that blend his signature humor with a clear political stance of decency and dignity. Even the evolution of his online store shows the striking decision to abandon "fun" for profundity.

Part of QQ's merchandise proceeds has gone to thoughtful charitable contributions such as Planned Parenthood, No Kid Hungry, Fair Fight Action, and the American Pancreatic Association, among others. The Quentin. Quarantino page continues to assert the importance of research, fact-checking and portraying the genuine emotions that many people already feel about the new and ever-changing status quo. Even future plans for QQ are fundamentally user-driven: Marcus is exploring book publication, spurred by multiple follower suggestions.

Tommy Marcus is driven by his desire to communicate with all those who have helped build his page into what it has become. His duty, alongside entertainment, is to remain responsibly and intellectually engaged. It's easy to fall into a follower-pleasing pattern; it's much harder to stick to his own guns and honor his gut.

As Marcus explains, "If I post something that feels right to me, I very well may lose 5,000 followers, and that's something I accept. And I learn even more about myself and my perspective by seeing how people respond. It's really important to me to preserve that dialogue and keep it as real and unbiased as possible. That's really where the positivity comes from. From being real. Not necessarily from performing positivity or forcing humor. And from reminding my followers that they have always been part of my process and always will be what makes QQ."

You can see more of Tommy's work via Instagram (main page@quentin.quarantino and personal page@tgmarc) or his website.

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SOURCE: Tommy Marcus

Tommy Marcus
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