Safety First Healthcare CEO Shaun G. Morgan Analyzes Factors Driving Global Demand for Masks
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Safety First Healthcare CEO Shaun G. Morgan Analyzes Factors Driving Global Demand for Masks

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:15 PM
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NEWARK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2020 / Safety First Healthcare Corp, a Delaware company registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a US-form 10 public company with factories in Vietnam specializing in the personal protective equipment business, is seeing another significant surge in demand for PPE products. This new wave is due to the large number of rising cases of Covid-19 and stock piling of PPE equipment globally. The products most in demand are N95 masks and nitrile gloves. However, with the current global surge in Covid-19 cases, Safety First Healthcare is seeing substantial rise in demand for 4-ply surgical masks.

Shaun Morgan, CEO of Safety First Healthcare said, "We are seeing increased purchasing from rising Covid-19 cases and medical community stock piling for the coming winter months. There is also the anticipated mask mandates many governments around the world are implementing or expected to implement."

Safety First Healthcare has two types of 4-ply surgical masks; Protection Masks and Advanced Protection Masks. The difference between the two types is that Protection Masks have a higher than 90% effective filtration layer and the Advanced Protection Masks have a higher than 95% effective filtration layer. Safety First Healthcare Nut95 masks are 5-layer masks which have two higher than 95% effective filtration layers. The filtration layer of all masks is made of a non-woven melt-blown, anti-bacterial fabric.

"The filtration layer of a mask is the most expensive part of mask production. This one layer is 10 times the cost of the other layers of the mask. Therefore, the overall cost of the mask is dependent on the level of protection the filtration layer provides," noted Fredy Bush, Advisory Chairwoman. "With the general public now wearing masks, we are seeing orders for surgical 4-ply masks and N95 masks, which offer high levels of protection, being ordered outside the medical profession. Various types of commercial enterprises such as restaurants and courier companies are now ordering this level of masks for their employees."

Safety First Healthcare is able to produce 250 million 4-ply surgical masks per week and currently has 100 million Advanced Protection Masks in inventory in response to the large number of orders. Additionally, Safety First Healthcare has 5 million Nut95 (N95) masks in inventory.

"Many countries don't have mask manufacturing locally therefore we feel it is incumbent upon companies like Safety First Healthcare to produce large quantities of masks to help governments and people globally," noted Shaun Morgan.

Safety First masks have FDA certification for medical masks and respirator mask, Health Canada, Certificate of Conformity (CE), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Vinacontrol and other certifications. Many of the certifying bodies conduct a number of tests on each type of mask to qualify for certification. Organizations like ISO check for international standards and best practices of processes and procedures in manufacturing.

Safety First Healthcare provides SGS inspections if requested by the client. An SGS inspection checks for quality and quantity prior to the client taking possession of the goods.

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