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Shane Richard Roybal Discusses the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Numerous Sectors

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:00 PM

With the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Every Industry, Shane Richard Roybal Is Here to Discuss the Impact from a Technological Perspective

WHEAT RIDGE, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2020 / The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. There is no industry that has been left untouched and both businesses and residences are seeing the technological consequences of this virus. Shane Richard Roybal is a tech expert and he is here to discuss some of the major changes that have taken place in the world of tech during the pandemic.

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Shane Richard Roybal Reviews the Impacts of Working from Home During the Pandemic

One of the biggest shifts that Shane Richard Roybal has noticed during the pandemic has been an increase in the number of people who are working remotely. With businesses aiming to avoid transmission of the virus in the workplace, more and more people are now working from home than ever before. At the same time, Shane Richard Roybal knows that this has had impacts on the tech world as well. Remote employees are placing greater demands on their current household bandwidth, meaning that devices, as well as their internet connections, might have a hard time keeping up. When this is combined with kids partaking in remote learning, it is easy to see how these demands are testing the IT infrastructure in our cities.

Shane Richard Roybal Highlights the Growth of Telehealth in the World of Healthcare

Another major shift that Shane Richard Roybal has noticed has been the growth of something called telehealth. Without a doubt, the healthcare industry has been strained during the pandemic. At the same time, many people do not want to leave their homes to go to the doctor's office. As a result, Shane Richard Roybal has noticed an increase in the number of people who are communicating with their doctor from home through video-conferencing or online chat sessions, in place of in-person visits. Tech advances have made this type of virtual visit possible for so many people, reducing barriers to care. This type of care presents a paradigm shift in the health industry, which has become a familiarity to many Americans due to the pandemic.

Shane Richard Roybal Looks at the Importance of a Secure Internet Connection in This New Working Environment

Finally, Shane Richard Roybal also wants to highlight the importance of a secure internet connection in this new era. There are countless people who are looking for ways to access the information they need to do their jobs from home. At the same time, Shane Richard Roybal wants to encourage employees and companies to take a look at ways they can keep their data safe while employees work from home. Using VPNs and other advanced security measures allow confidential and critical information to be transferred securely between home and office. As an IT specialist, Shane Richard Roybal is working with enterprises of all sizes to assist companies with managing their developing IT infrastructure concerns amidst the pandemic, as it is critical to prioritize cybersecurity in this new working environment.

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