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Chris Lamb on Building a Strong Network and Driving Career Success

Friday, 20 November 2020 10:00

NIAGARA FALLS, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2020 / Chris Lamb, a property developer and investor in the Niagara Region, spoke on the topic of building a strong network and driving career success, in a recent interview with Thrive Global.

During the Q&A, Lamb expressed that his passion for networking along with his interest in ongoing professional development have greatly supported his career over the years.

Ultimately however, Chris Lamb attributes his success to his positive mental and physical health, which he maintains through regular exercise, rest, and recovery.

"The most universal trait of success is the ability to get beaten. This includes being beaten down mentally, emotionally, and physically. Which is why physical and mental health are an absolute must," said Lamb.

He advised that regular breaks to quiet the mind and relax are integral to achieving a healthy work-life balance and a positive career experience. He also shared that meditation when the sun rises and keeping his phone off when he goes to sleep and first wakes up have positively impacted his mental health.

Those healthy habits have also fueled Chris Lamb's optimism, creativity, and overall efficiency and have further supported his professional growth overall.

"I believe the working hours need to be efficient and dialed in, so I often focus on my most highly intellectual tasks in the morning, such as communications, sales, and accounting and leave physical or less competent work into the afternoon," said Lamb.

"If you plan what you're doing the night before and write it out, it takes you less time to get going in your highest intellectual hours."

Along with focusing on one's own mental and physical health, Chris Lamb strongly advised new graduates and young professionals to build a strong network that can support them and lead them to potential opportunities.

"Insulate yourself with good people and positive atmospheres as a defense of what's to come. Additionally, I have learned creativity is increasingly easier to ignite. While more problems arise in the complex and bureaucratic world we live in, higher access to connectivity and resources is awaiting," said Lamb.

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About Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb is a property developer and investor residing in Niagara Falls, Ontario. After graduating from Brock University with a BA in Political Economy, Chris went on to obtain a post-graduate certificate in International Business Management from Niagara College. Currently, he is working for Niagara Falls' Revel Realty, where he is able to pursue his passion for building affordable housing communities and investment properties in the Niagara Region.


Chris Lamb
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SOURCE: Chris Lamb

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