Miniature Art Enthusiast Attorney Karen Crew Discusses the Benefits of Painting for Brain and Mental Health
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Miniature Art Enthusiast Attorney Karen Crew Discusses the Benefits of Painting for Brain and Mental Health

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 1:25 PM
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Miniature art enthusiast Karren Crew discusses the benefits of painting for mental health.

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2020 / The art of painting has been proven valuable in improving brain and mental health. Miniature art enthusiast and talented painter Karen Crew recently discussed how painting can have such positive effects on the brain.

"The minute you sit down to paint, you immediately feel stress being lifted off your shoulders," Karen Crew says. "Time for painting is a time for checking out of life for a bit, and with the stresses of daily life constantly weighing down, this can be a major mood booster."

Karen Crew and other art enthusiasts also explain that painting stimulates the creative mind. Experts say stimulating this portion of the brain can also reduce mental strain. Even more, it can help people who aren't as naturally artistic enjoy the benefits of creative growth. Learning new skills, practicing them, and succeeding encourages creative growth, self-confidence, and improved mood.

Similarly, painting has been proven to promote a more optimistic attitude. Artists are able to work in open environments where standards are not set in stone. Those who create paintings that receive recognition from classmates, family, or friends, enjoy superior and pride and happiness. Enthusiasts like Karen Crew explain that painting can build stronger mental health and boost overall mood in people of all ages.

"Creating a painting that others admire provides an overwhelming feeling of joy and pride," Karen Crew says. "This feeling is felt by toddlers creating their first paintings to senior citizens creating watercolors for friends. That feeling never fades."

In addition to making the artist feel better, Karen Crew explains that painting has been linked to superior motor and problem-solving skills. Artists are constantly adapting to the limitations of their work, whether it's working with a certain medium, combining colors to create a color they're lacking, or disguising mistakes that can't be erased.

"These are skills that can sharpen the minds of young and old painters alike," Karen Crew says. "Like painters, we're constantly searching for ways to improve our paintings with whatever resources we have. We learn to think outside the box from the get-go."

Similarly, painting has been proven to increase memory skills. People who regularly use creative outlets, like drawing, painting, or playing musical instruments, have a lower chance of developing memory loss over time. Painting can truly improve an artist's quality of life in countless ways.

"The advantages of the painting are countless," Karen Crew finishes. "I suggest you grab a paintbrush and a canvas and see which improvements painting will bring to your life."


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