Datanomix Increases Leadership Position in Production Monitoring and Factory Analytics Software with Expanded Capabilities
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Datanomix Increases Leadership Position in Production Monitoring and Factory Analytics Software with Expanded Capabilities

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 9:00 AM
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Datanomix, Inc.

NASHUA, NH / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2020 / Datanomix, leading vendor of production intelligence software for industrial manufacturers, today announced a major update of its Fusion software designed to put production data in context for industrial manufacturers.

Datanomix Fusion is the industry's first hands-free, plug-and-play production monitoring solution that requires no operator input, no ERP integration, and automatically benchmarks and scores running jobs using only data from the manufacturing equipment itself.

After successfully launching Fusion to dozens of customers in 2019, Datanomix has become the gold standard for manufacturers who want to use data collection technology to benchmark and optimize job performance on the factory floor. In addition to job performance intelligence, the company has launched new capabilities that bring simplicity and improvements to both operations and planning functions, which are historically challenging areas for factory leadership.

"When we entered the field, we observed that machine monitoring, while helpful to understanding whether machines were running or not, did not direct users to action, problem-solving, or even improve productivity. We changed the game by focusing on job performance benchmarks and putting the factory production information into simple visual cues for users," said Greg McHale, Datanomix co-founder, and CTO. "Our Fusion software gives a real-time performance score of every job on every machine based on comparisons to performance benchmarks that the software establishes on its own."

The latest product release introduces new functionality such as quote calibration, job scheduling, and the now famous morning coffee cup reports - Fusion automatically sends users an email every morning at 6 AM, which serves as the morning production meeting backdrop. Reviewing key information and insights in mere minutes while enjoying your morning cup of joe. With quote calibration and job scheduling, Fusion addresses the critical pain points of true job costing and job delivery and predictability.

"The response to our ‘no human input, no ERP data required' approach has been resoundingly strong, and on the heels of that success, customers have asked us to expand the reach of our platform into other factory pain points, particularly around operations and planning," said John Joseph, Datanomix co-founder, and CEO.

Newly released functionality of Fusion product and benefits include:

  • Quote Calibration - Measures the actual cost of machining based on your real performance, giving you the ability to compare quote estimates to actual performance so you can understand job margin and quote accuracy.
  • Scheduling - Visual planning tool that allows you to plan, track, and predict job execution across all of your machines using actual data from Fusion. Eliminates the guesswork around how long jobs should take and when they'll really be done.
  • Coffee Cup Report - A daily digest of every job on the floor from the previous day and how it performed against benchmarked expectations, serving as the backdrop for the morning production meeting and the priority list of GM's and supervisors alike.
  • Factory Floor TV Mode - A factory floor visual broadcasting system that shows job performance scores, highlights machine alarms, and key statistics for every job in real-time. Floor personnel see and respond to areas needing attention to get higher job scores, improving productivity and prioritization as the day is unfolding instead of waiting until tomorrow to know what went wrong yesterday.

Jesse Bunnell, Senior Group Leader at Eptam Precision, has been using Fusion software for several months with great success: "Fusion's powerful reporting functions clearly show us where we're winning and where we need to improve. Quote calibration gives us a machining cost for each part, right from the machine itself. No estimation, no ERP extracts, just the facts. In 15 minutes each day, the coffee cup report gives me a complete picture of yesterday's results without having to walk the floor or counting parts. It's automatic. No disruption to operators while they are starting their shift. I have the answers I need to run the business."

Datanomix offers a simple, all-inclusive subscription pricing model for its Fusion software. As new features like the ones above are added, they automatically show up in customer portals when released. Product installation is simple and non-intrusive. When combined with the fact that Fusion does not require human input or ERP integration, Fusion's simple, turnkey approach to production monitoring is best in class.

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Based in New Hampshire, Datanomix is fueling the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, with Fusion - data analytics made simple for industrial manufacturers. Datanomix's mission is to level the data analytics playing field for industrial manufacturers by giving them robust decision-making tools so they can proudly build world-class products. Learn more at

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