Carrie Able Gallery Embraces World-Class Art by Bringing Artists into the American Art Scene
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Carrie Able Gallery Embraces World-Class Art by Bringing Artists into the American Art Scene

Sunday, November 15, 2020 8:00 AM
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BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / NOVEMBER 15, 2020 / An inclusive and world-class art community is what the Carrie Able Gallery embodies. From choosing artworks based on the work itself and not based on personal connections, background, gender, ethnicity, or anything else, the gallery promotes a scene where artists from all walks in life coming from different parts of the world are duly welcomed and celebrated for their skills and talent.

The gallery prides itself on successfully bringing in world-class artists to the American art scene through the O-1 visa, a non-immigrant visa for foreigners who possess extraordinary ability in arts, sciences, business, athletics, and other fields. As early as 2016, this type of visa has become challenging to obtain. Fortunately for the Carrie Able Gallery, it has established a relationship of trust and confidence with the United States Department of Homeland Security. The department highly values Carrie Able's opinion when it comes to qualification for the visa of extraordinary ability in the field of arts.

The mission of Carrie Able Gallery allows an influx of talent, skills, and gifted people in the art arena of New York City and the United States. Through this, more opportunities arise for aspiring artists who will have a chance to display in the gallery's exhibits. As for 2 artists accepted for 0-1 status, Kyungjin Kim of South Korea and Maha Al-Asaker of Kuwait, they have been shown in NYC art museums since their exhibitions at the Carrie Able Gallery.

Indeed, Carrie Able Gallery has established a respected eye in the art world. Carrie Able herself possesses a keen eye for undiscovered talent, making her a good source for a pool of extraordinary artists.

Already a renowned multidisciplinary artist, Carrie Able is the talented artist and musician who opened her namesake gallery built out of the front end of her own painting studio space back in 2016. Her initiative in creating an open artistic landscape was fueled by the lack of physical space for emerging and living arts throughout New York. She saw the lack of a safe space where poetry, music, painting, and other artistic endeavors could thrive. With this reality at hand, she made it her mission to provide a place where aspiring artists, art enthusiasts, and established artists themselves can convene and celebrate one another's artistic expressions.

Today, Carrie and her gallery have come a long way. The Carrie Able Gallery is now a proud partner of the National Parks Arts Foundation. Carrie herself has become a music and art influencer with more than 185,000 followers on Instagram.

Aside from exploring undiscovered artists, Carrie Able Gallery is also a haven for aspiring artists and enthusiasts who wish to develop their skills more. In addition to their open submissions group exhibitions, they also have an artist in residency program which provides valuable career training and guidance for emerging artists. At present, the gallery continues to discover artists from all over the world, helping them obtain the necessary visa and reach the American art scene to develop their skills more while leading them to bigger and better opportunities in the art industry.

To know more about Carrie Able Gallery, please visit its official website.

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