Deepak Agarwal Reflects on Valuable Lessons Learned from Childhood in Entrepreneurship
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Deepak Agarwal Reflects on Valuable Lessons Learned from Childhood in Entrepreneurship

Friday, November 13, 2020 9:45 AM
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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2020 / From a young age Deepak "Dee" Agarwal has been immersed in the values that have come to define his business acumen. As first-generation American, recognized entrepreneur, and eventual founder and c-suite executive of several large online retailers, Deepak Agarwal quickly learned from his parents the importance of building a strong foundation, based around core values. Originally from Rajasthan, a region in India bustling with business and commerce, the Agarwal family stressed the importance of capital and frugality, ingraining a sense of financial responsibility in Deepak Agarwal from a young age.

Keeping these core values in mind was essential to Deepak Agarwal through his time as the CEO and founder of Cautious growth and measured risk-taking were kept at the core of his business operations, and as a result Deepak turned the dream of from a conceptual startup to a fruitful business in just a few years.

Looking back on his many previous successful business ventures, Deepak Agarwal is certain that his upbringing is central to empowering him to become the person he is now. The daily observance of his parents' disciplined financial behaviors instilled deep-rooted management and decision-making skills -- skills he now attributes much of his business success. His parents also emphasized a spirit of giving back and contributing to your community.

While pursuing a career in business Deepak Agarwal has never overlooked an opportunity to give back. Moved by the fight against world hunger, for years Deepak Agarwal has sought to support philanthropic organizations focused on economic empowerment and feeding malnourished youth around the world. "While capital is critical, what you choose to do with it defines your legacy," notes Deepak Agarwal. "For me, all the business success in the world means nothing if I don't invest in the causes that make an impact on the world around me and give my organization purpose."

When asked what advice he'd give to parents with enterprising children, Deepak Agarwal replies: "Irrespective of your wealth, aside from the core values that go with being a good human being, you should instill a strong understanding of hard work and creative thinking as well as the spirit of constantly giving back to society." Deepak Agarwal hopes to instill the same values in his children that he feels paved the path for his successful business career.

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