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Leading Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur Patrick Bieleny Featured in New Exclusive Interview with Inspirey

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 11:15 AM

Patrick Bieleny, a highly accomplished real estate investor and entrepreneur who has been dubbed the "house flipping guru," has been featured in a new exclusive interview with Inspirey.

CALGARY AB / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2020 / Experienced real estate professional Patrick Bieleny is excited to announce his exclusive online interview with Inspirey. Inspirey features exclusive and in-depth interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs and executives from around the world.

The interview covered a wide range of business and personal topics, including how Patrick Bieleny got his start in the real estate investing field, how he found his first customer, his most effective marketing strategy, and how he overcame some of the early challenges and obstacles that entrepreneurs invariably face.

"The most critical thing I learned is that you absolutely need to know what you are getting into," commented Patrick Bieleny, who currently heads PB & Co. Houses. "Forget about what you see on television: house flipping is not all fun and creative. It is also complex, risky, and requires a great deal of patience and a very strong work ethic."

On a more personal note, Patrick Bieleny also discussed what traits and characteristics make him a successful leader, his most satisfying moment in business, and what advice he would give to his younger self. With respect to the traits and characteristics, he credits his willingness to take risks and make bold decisions. As for his most satisfying moment, he points to any scenario where he can spot outstanding off-market deals quicker than anyone else. And in terms of advice he would give his younger self, he shared some wisdom that should be mandatory learning for anyone who aspires to enter the real estate investing field: don't get caught up in the hype.

"Don't get so overwhelmed and immersed in the excitement of buying your first property or your first few properties and fail to do your research and due diligence," commented Patrick Bieleny. "Pay attention to all of the details, especially location. And remember that you don't want to over-renovate a home. Having the most beautiful or feature-rich home in the neighborhood or on a street will not necessarily translate into the highest selling price."

As for what he expects the future to hold for his business, Patrick Bieleny anticipates that things will get even more dynamic and exciting as historically low mortgage interest rates enable and encourage more people to enter the housing market, while others seize the opportunity to upgrade to a bigger and better house in a more desirable location.

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About Patrick Bieleny

Patrick Bieleny is an accomplished real estate investor and entrepreneur based in Calgary, Alberta who specializes in house flipping. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Business Management, Patrick moved to Calgary where he bought his first investment property: a condo townhouse just outside of the city. After renovating and reselling the property, Patrick started on a journey that has seen him become an acclaimed "house-flipping guru." These days, Patrick is the head of PB & Co. Houses, which since launching has grown substantially in both size and profitability.

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Patrick Bieleny
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