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Viral TikTok Brand ShakeyFam Launches Affordable Alternatives to Popular Products

Friday, 06 November 2020 17:45

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2020 / Social Media platforms have become the most frequented things on the planet in terms of online traffic. One of the newest and most successful contenders in the social media world, TikTok, has been redefining the way people look at online marketing. For many social media influencers, social media platforms become a vehicle of success, and new, creative methods of marketing to fans have emerged from the minds of popular entertainers. One successful influencer has been taking over the TikTok platform with the viral brand ShakeyFam. ShakeyFam, founded earlier this year in June 2020, has officially launched a brand new website with a brand new lineup of products marketed towards members of the ShakeyFam fanbase. The brand's new home can be found at

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When ShakeyFam was first released, the success was immediate and impressive, generating 125k in sales within the first 30 days. After seeing initial success, the ShakeyFam brand has been gearing up for its official launch, diversifying its lineup of products, and creating a professional platform to sell the ShakeyFam-branded merchandise on. The newly-launched is home to a collection of T-shirts, phone cases, LED light strips called ShakeyLEDS, slippers called ShakeyShoes, and most notably, wireless earpods called ShakeyPods. The cost-effective headphones are targeted towards younger people who don't have the funds to purchase name-brand $150+ earbuds.

At just the cost of shipping, the ShakeyPods offer a wireless and stylish option for music listening while still offering decent sound quality. A representative from the brand told us in a statement that, "we understand that many people, especially kids out there, aren't comfortable with spending hundreds of dollars on little things like earphones. So we wanted to come up with a way that we can make not only affordable clothing apparel but also quality Bluetooth earphones that deliver decent-sounding audio right to their doorstep."

Using a social media audience as a platform to connect and relate to customers in a way that's been seldom seen on TikTok, the ShakeyFam brand has been catching a staggering amount of attention since its launch earlier this year. Building up a reputation of supplying fans with affordable alternatives to popular products, ShakeyFam continues to grow and make sales but also makes lasting connections with its target demographics. Acting as a pioneer on the TikTok platform, ShakeyFam has the potential to continue to grow and expand into one of the biggest social media brands out there in the months and years to come.

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SOURCE: Lost Boy Entertainment Co.

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