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Jeff Comer Shares Insight into How Technology has Positively Impacted Hospitals

Friday, 06 November 2020 11:30 AM

SITKA, AK / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2020 / In a recent article with TMCnet, CEO Jeff Comer, a successful leader in the healthcare industry, shared his insights on how hospitals have experienced years of positive developments in light of technology.

Drawing from his 20-plus years of experience serving as the CEO of various healthcare organizations and hospitals, Jeff Comer explained how technological innovation is enhancing the overall capabilities of hospitals.

According to Comer, technology has been at the heart of hospital improvements over the years, by way of digital and electronic records, software program development, testing and imaging advances, and telemedicine.

Through digital records, waiting lists have been reduced, patient care has been expedited, and medical departments have been able to exchange information in a hassle-free manner, Jeff Comer stated.

Similarly, patients' medical records are now preserved in digital format by way of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), allowing for information to be delivered instantly to labs and specialists.

"Easier to create and organize than traditional files, Electronic Health Records are pivotal in preventing errors, assuring accountability, and keeping patients in good health," explained Jeff Comer.

Regarding software development, he pointed out that specific programs have been instrumental in the World Health Organization's (WHO) efforts to classify illnesses as well as their symptoms and causes into a large database.

As for testing and imaging, he explained that advances have ensured that the information is more comprehensive, with breakthrough updates in areas such as basic imaging services, computed tomography, sonography, magnetic resonance imaging, and electrocardiography.

Finally, Jeff Comer examined the development of telemedicine, which now makes it possible for patients to consult with a specialist in nearly any part of the planet, removing geographical impediments and simplifying the access to urgent, primary, and behavioral health care.

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About Jeff Comer

With a background in psychology and health administration, Jeff Comer has developed a 20-plus-year career as a chief executive officer (CEO) in the healthcare industry. Working with organizations that have ranged from small hospitals to billion-dollar multi-site domestic and international operations, Comer has successfully led turnaround management, strategic planning, and growth. Outside of his career, he has also served on many non-profit boards and community agencies, focusing on fundraising and development. Currently located in Cave Creek, AZ, he has taken steps to begin a new and exciting career by pursuing his Doctorate in Psychology.


Jeff Comer
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SOURCE: Jeff Comer

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