Jeremey Lawson, CEO of Homestead Builders joins the Wood Builders Association
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Jeremey Lawson, CEO of Homestead Builders joins the Wood Builders Association

Friday, November 6, 2020 8:45 PM
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DRAKESVILLE, IA / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2020 / Jeremey Lawson, CEO of Homestead Builders, in Drakesville, Iowa, is now part of the Wood Builders Association. He was honored with this position for his good work in helping people own wooden homes fast, and affordably. For years, he has led his company to build thousands of Barn cabins and turnkey homes in Drakesville, IA.

By joining this council, Jeremy can use his industry experience to lobby for better policies on the use of wood products. With more flexible wood policies, Homestead Builders, and other industry players, would be in a better position to give customers customized homes much faster and more cost-effectively, thereby making the dream of homeownership even easier.

One of the key areas that he will lend his skills to the organization is environmental sustainability. Over the last decade, there has been an aggressive push for the adoption of sustainable living, mainly driven by the increased awareness of climate change. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in anti-wood bias in ratings. With an experienced industry player like Jeremy Lawson, the association can craft better messaging on the place of wood in sustainable living. This can help not just builders sustain the industry, but also give customers quality services at low prices without being curtailed by crippling regulations. He has the market data needed to guide policymakers on regulations that not only support the industry's growth but also safeguard the many jobs that are always being created by the wood building industry.

Jeremy's entry to the Wood Builders Association is not a fluke. It is a reflection of his dedication to giving customers the best possible wooden homes. For years, he has steered Homestead Builders in giving customers high-quality Barn Cabins and Turnkey home using the best wood in the market. He has also invested heavily in systems and the right people, to ensure that customers receive their products on time. Rarely does the company delay in the delivery of customer projects. He is well-positioned to inspire wood builders that have not achieved similar standards hit them and raise the overall quality of service for the industry.


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SOURCE: Jeremey Lawson Homestead Builders

Jeremey Lawson Homestead Builders
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