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The Rise of Sneaker Collector & Powerhouse Chris Robinson, AKA SBCollector

Friday, 06 November 2020 05:00

LONG BRANCH, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2020 / New Jersey native, Chris Robinson, has been a sneakerhead since he was a kid. Waiting in lines for releases to make all sorts of connections through the sneakerhead community, Chris Robinson found his success in what he wears on his feet. Finding new people, connections, and most importantly, shoes, grant him even bigger success.

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However, it wasn't always like this for Chris. Chris states that "One of the most influential turning points in my life was as a child. I was sitting in front of the local convenience store when I threw a rock into the street as a brand-new Chevy Tahoe was passing by. The driver stopped, rolled down his window, cursed at me, and told me ‘This car cost $45,000 and you will never be able to afford something like this.' As I cried on my way home, I set goals to make sure I would prove that man wrong...."

Pushing to prove that man wrong, he had to work even harder. Coming from the bottom as a child, Chris worked his way up the ladder through the world of shoes and became a well-known name in the shoe collecting community and sub-culture. His work is inspirational to all sneakerheads as well as a huge accomplished goal for himself. Moving forward from the heartache that flooded his early life, he found the one thing that truly makes him feel whole and a community that welcomed him.

Making your way through shoes is not easy. There is no class, degree, or training. You work as your own boss and fight for the success you want. Nothing is ever given, especially when it comes to high valued shoes. By making the right moves and keeping his focus on his childhood goals, he crawled his way into his position and is a true shining light to all aspiring shoe collectors. His work reflects that, no matter what it is that makes you happy, you can make a living from it. Through the love of the work itself, Chris is a huge example of just how far your passion and dedication can take you - all while wearing a fresh pair of shoes.

You can hear Chris' story and follow him on Instagram here as well as find Chris on Facebook here

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Lost Boy Entertainment

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