Frederick Fields Little Rock - How Second Chance Housing Is Needed Now More Than Ever
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Frederick Fields Little Rock - How Second Chance Housing Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Thursday, November 5, 2020 2:45 PM
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Frederick Fields Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, AR / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2020 / Frederick Fields Little Rock is well aware of the rising eviction statistics that is sweeping the nation. According to the Aspen Institute, there are over 100 million Americans that live in rental homes, and as of fall of 2020, 29-43% of renter households could be at risk of eviction by the end of the year. These numbers include those families suffering under the COVID-19 housing crisis. But,Frederick Fields Little Rock realizes they also include the typical individuals that face housing insecurity or upcoming eviction, and those that are financially strapped due to high unemployment rates.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Little Rock Arkansas' high court put a ban on evictions for nonpayment for those living in rental properties covered that are covered by the federal government. But, Frederick Fields Little Rock know everyone is not aware that despite the moratorium on evictions in the spring and summer of 2020, the ending of this ban saw a single month spike of 476 evictions filed in September.

And the number of landlords filing evictions continue to rise. Now more than ever, we need common sense, second chance housing especially for those people at high risk which include people of color, and those living at or below national poverty levels.

Frederick Fields Little Rock promotes Second Chance Housing

Second chance housing includes many programs offered to targeted demographics. For instances, abused young adults or teen mothers and their children can find supportive, second chance housing as they transition into independence. Individuals with a negative rental history, bad credit, or a criminal background will need second chance housing.

And now,Frederick Fields Little Rock believes victims of the economic crisis due to the worldwide pandemic should also quality for second chance housing. Covid has created a new population of what can be described as 'economically vulnerable families'.

What does second chance housing look like?

Always interested in helping others who need a second chance - especially in housing, Frederick Fields Little Rock feels a new look should be taken at second chance rental programs. These should be specifically set aside for Covid-related, evicted families and adult individuals that were hard-working, self-sufficient members of society until government shut-downs were enforced in all but essential business operations.

The criteria for acceptance into these programs would be straightforward. First, Frederick Fields Little Rock feels the program should be open to anyone who lost their primary residence due to lack of rental payment, due to unemployment caused by furlough or layoff due to a coronavirus job closing,

Secondly, a second chance housing program should waive any stipulations for an eviction or broken lease, as long as the tenant can prove they became unemployed as a direct result of a 2020 job layoff. As far as Frederick Fields Little Rock is concerned, these are not difficult criteria to meet, nor will they will be difficult to show proof or authenticity.

Frederick Fields Little Rockworries that these historic eviction rates will fuel a new generation of homelessness and broken families. What would follow is a massive leaning on federal funding to support these individuals with food, clothing, family shelters, and medical attention. But in the end, Frederick Fields Little Rock says much of this type of funding would be unnecessary if second chance housing became the norm, instead of the exception.


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