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Eric Jones Is Changing the World of Sales Through His Next Level Marketing Technology

Saturday, 31 October 2020 00:00

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2020 / Without meaning, sales can become innocuous and uninspiring.

Eric Jones, Monday, November 2, 2020, Press release picture

Sales and business development expert, Eric Jones knows this first hand, and he's on a mission to change the future of sales.

Raised in a small town in Monterey County, Eric Jones comes from a family of educators. He pursued a double major in psychology and Spanish from the University of California, Davis. After working for a few years in clinical psychology, Jones found himself more drawn to the business side of how the mind works. He quickly discovered his affinity for sales and spent the next 17 years working in the business development and sales sectors of five different start-ups, four of which were extremely successful and eventually acquired. A brief, but impactful stint with Salesforce, left Jones craving more. He yeared to inject meaning and depth into the sales and development strategies that drove his career. Jones intrinsically knew that he couldn't be the only one who harbored this desire, so in early 2020, he decided to find out.

Eric Jones launched the Sales Intersection podcast to provide a medium where he and his guests could discuss how they derive meaning, fulfillment, and passion within sales. Many sales teams can become so focused on their bottom line, that they forget the passion that drives them in the first place. Jones is setting out to change the narrative and bring inspiration to listeners everywhere. The first season recently wrapped up and was a massive success. Special guests included Jay McBain, the Principal Analyst at Forrester, John Barrows, sales and selling expert, and Kasey Jones, recently named in the 35 most influential women in the USA. In each conversation, Jones dives deep into his guest's unique value propositions and opens up a conversation to discuss how sales is evolving, and what his guests are doing to aid in that evolution.

As Jones looks ahead to season two, he is eager to continue to foster a platform that celebrates diversity and the successes of underrepresented heroes in sales.

The invaluable lessons Jones gleaned from his guests in his first year have served as a catalyst for his parent company, Sales is Evolving. Jones recognizes the value of video and other emerging technologies.

In a competitive landscape, "First impressions are everything, through the use of media, doors are opened and the groundwork is laid for a follow-up conversation, a conversion, or a sale," says Jones.

Video is king and will continue to be so as the world moves more and more digital. Sales Is Evolving works with individuals, groups, companies, and events to provide professional production, editing, and consultation services from inception of an idea to execution of a sale.

The opportunities to utilize video as a means of customer engagement and acquisition are endless. From consistency in brand messaging to marketing and promotional materials, any business can benefit from the use of strategic, well-branded video content. Jones and his team work with individuals and large and small businesses to build their video, photography, and podcast starter kit. They even fit in a wedding photography/videography project when time permits. If you are looking to integrate video in your business, look no further than Sales Is Evolving for the tools, resources, and training to get started.

Whether Eric Jones is interviewing a renowned guest, or creating a digital media strategy for a client, he never loses sight of his mission to provide value to others, foster digital transformation, and derive deep meaning from business and sales. To partner with Sales Is Evolving or inquire about an appearance on the Sales Intersection podcast, visit

Eric Jones, Monday, November 2, 2020, Press release picture

Eric Jones, Monday, November 2, 2020, Press release picture

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SOURCE: Eric Jones

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