Germ Hero Innovating the Future of the Disinfection Industry Amid Pandemic
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Germ Hero Innovating the Future of the Disinfection Industry Amid Pandemic

Friday, October 30, 2020 3:30 AM
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LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / October 30, 2020 / As companies and businesses look for better and more effective ways to disinfect their facilities and assure customers as the coronavirus pandemic grows in the US, many disinfection companies step up to the times. Germ Hero, a growing disinfection and sanitizing company, is among those leading the charge to disrupt the industry and keep up with the momentum.

Because of the pandemic, many local businesses have shut down, while those that are trying to survive barely have enough to afford a disinfection company. Unfortunately, standard disinfection methods are often time-consuming and quite costly. With reopenings happening around the country, Germ Hero is helping those that struggle to pay for disinfection and sanitizing services.

Germ Hero is disrupting the disinfection industry by doing much more than just disinfecting businesses and homes. Along with developing a faster, safer, and money-saving disinfection and sanitation system for businesses, Eric Zhivalyuk, Germ Hero co-founder, shares that Germ Hero is also focusing on helping businesses economically by driving more traffic through their doors.

Because businesses have shut down, Germ Hero set out on a mission to partner up with thousands of businesses, organizations, schools, communities, hotels, and casinos for a safer and cleaner environment for their customers, guests, and employees.

Eric Zhivalyuk is a leader in cutting-edge technology and innovations. Eric has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to develop innovative solutions. The Las Vegas-based serial entrepreneur and innovation specialist is behind many other innovative companies, including business solution company Verxatile and commerce and fintech app Merchant Slayer.

Today, Eric lends his ingenuity to the health and sanitation world as he works to develop a brand of safety and sanitation through Germ Hero. The disinfection company is the originator of the Germ Hero verification system, a seal of approval that gives visitors and customers the assurance that an establishment meets the highest sanitation standards. The system lists various establishments that have kept with standard protocols and submitted their facilities and spaces to monthly disinfection. This gives assurance to guests and shoppers that the area has indeed been properly disinfected and sanitized.

"Our Germ Hero Verified Shields not only immediately builds trust and confidence in a business, but when you scan the QR code shown on each shield, it brings you to our website which shows the verification of that business, the disinfection and sanitizing service that was done and when, and further educates the customer to understand that this business is doing everything they can to create a safe environment for them," says Ilija Cankovic, Germ Hero co-founder.

Germ Hero hopes to widen its scope and serve more businesses and organizations. Eric Zhivalyuk has recently announced their launch in Philadelphia, and plans of expanding to other cities. Through his company, Eric hopes to assist companies in these turbulent economic times by winning customer loyalty back. Germ Hero stands as a testament that society can be resilient through even the most challenging times and adapt to change at the epochal level.

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